You’re Never too Old for A Cavity

  • Posted on: Mar 4 2015

We Always Need to Care Care of Our Teeth

The risk for cavities can rise as you get older; they’re not just for children. More than 20% of people over 65 had untreated cavities in 2008 states the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those at highest risk were poor people, non-whites and men. It wasn’t too long ago that people over 65 had no teeth at all; 65-74, 15% and over 75, 22%. With older people keeping more teeth there is still a threat of cavities that lead to infection, pain and tooth loss if not treated properly. There are a number of factors that can lead to tooth problems in later ages: Diet, Dry Mouth, Recessed Gums, and primarily, delayed dental care. As you get older, enamel wears down and it is important to take extra steps to make sure you are taking the best care of your teeth possible.

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