healthy teeth for thanksgiving

5 Dental tips for the Holidays

Grand Rapids, MI Thanksgiving is usually a time when we gather with friends and family to enjoy a big meal and show some appreciation for the good things in life. However, getting a cavity during this time of year really can put a damper on the holiday season. Make sure your dental health stays protected… Read More »

Your Oral Health and Your General Health

Your oral hygiene routine—which includes your at-home dental care in addition to your regular checkups and teeth-cleanings—has a direct impact on your overall health. Good dental health can help prevent systemic health problems, and your regular dental exams provide an opportunity for the early diagnosis and treatment of oral health issues that can affect your… Read More »

Four Health Problems That Can Be Discovered in the Dental Chair

There is a great connection between your mouth and your health. That’s why regular dental check-ups are so important. A visit to the dentist can often reveal any overall health concerns such as heart problems, bone disease, or even dementia. Routine visits can also help prevent problems before they begin. (The American Heart Association found… Read More »

5 Habits That are Harmful to Your Teeth

We take good care of our teeth when it comes to brushing and flossing but sometimes we are not so kind to our pearly whites when we aren’t paying attention. Certain sneaky – and even subconscious habits – have the potential to harm our smiles. Here are five habits worth breaking: 1. Nail Biting Biting… Read More »

Six Surprising Foods That Stain Teeth

Certain food and drinks work against us when it comes to keeping a shining white smile. Brightly colored beverages and bites are often the biggest offenders, yet you may be surprised at some of the other culprits that make the list. Most teeth staining is caused by chromogens. Chromogens are intensely pigmented molecules that latch… Read More »

Eat to Enhance Your Smile

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but which foods work for the dentist? We love to see you in our office for preventative check-ups and specialty visits but in between, there are a few “Dos and Don’ts” of eating that can help you enhance your smile. Do Eat… – Brown rice and whole… Read More »

Top Three Tips for a Timeless Smile

The easiest way to look younger? Smile! The muscles we use to smile lift the face and make us appear younger so smiling is the easiest way to bring about a more youthful appearance. (It’s good for your immune system, stress reduction, and mood improvement too!) But beyond flashing a grin, there are a few… Read More »

How To Really Keep Your Teeth Clean

We’re here to help keep your smile in its best condition at all times and much of the great smile work begins at home, with you. In between visits to us you can do a lot to help keep your teeth clean and healthy. Here are a few pointers and tips. The Basics: Brush at… Read More »

First Trip to the Dentist

The dentist is definitely your friend – and your children’s friend too! Maintaining regular check-ups with Dr. Mulder is one of the best ways to help keep smiles healthy and that’s why it’s so important that first trips to the dentist are good ones. We understand that, and we work hard to make kids’ first… Read More »