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Catching tooth decay early is the best way to avoid cavities. Using a Spectra decay finder and fluorescence technology, Grand Rapids dentist Jerry Mulder & Allyson Mulder can find decay before it spreads to deeper areas of the tooth and gums. A Spectra exam combined with good oral hygiene habits can keep your mouth in its healthiest condition.

Find Tooth Decay Early

Grand Rapids general dentist Dr. Jerry Mulder advises patients about dental visits and good oral hygiene that ensures both a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.Using a Spectra decay finder, your dentist will find tooth decay in its early stages. Early detection of cavities means Dr. Mulder can treat the decay before it spreads to the root or nerve of your tooth. If you do have cavities, Dr. Mulder can form a metal-free dental filling to restore the structural loss caused by the cavity.

The Spectra decay finder reveals cavities before you notice any pain or discomfort, and before the cavity is visible on the external portion of the tooth. The Spectra uses fluorescence technology to emit violet blue LED light onto the surfaces of your teeth. Dr. Mulder will be able to view your teeth on a computer monitor, and the monitor will display any decay or plaque using colors and numbers. The Spectra also reveals the extent of the decay and whether you will need a filling. If the damage from decay requires a crown, Dr. Mulder can prepare a dental crown in one visit. Using the CEREC machine, Dr. Mulder can create on-the-spot restorations.

Avoiding Tooth Cavities

You can avoid cavities by combining Spectra exams with good oral hygiene. Cavities occur when erosion of the tooth surface occurs as a result of bacteria, plaque, acids and tartar. This is most often the result of poor dental hygiene and irregular dental cleanings. Visiting the dentist is comfortable and relaxing at Dr. Mulder’s offices in Grand Rapids and the surrounding Michigan areas. Dr. Mulder and his team are committed to ensuring your best smile.

You and the Spectra Decay Finder

The best way to avoid cavities is early detection. The advantage of an exam with a Spectra finder is that the tool will find early signs of decay. By seeing decay early, Dr. Mulder can help you keep the decay from getting worse, although in the case of progressed damage, Dr. Mulder can offer restorations like dental implants.

By practicing good oral hygiene, you can keep your mouth and body healthy. In conjunction with Spectra exams, you can avoid dental cavities by:

  • Visiting a dentist regularly
  • Brushing your teeth at least twice a day
  • Flossing your teeth at least once a day
  • Avoiding excessive sugary, starchy and acidic foods
  • Avoiding foods that become stuck in your teeth

Dr. Mulder can answer any questions you have about the Spectra decay finder. Contact Dr. Mulder’s Grand Rapids, Michigan, office today to learn more and to schedule a dental appointment.