Conscious Sedation

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Sedation Dentistry can be summed up with one word: RELAXATION. It means that you can say goodbye to fear and anxiety with the help of a safe medication. Sedation dentistry is dentistry at its most comfortable and it helps you get through your dental appointments with ease.

Conscious Sedation

At Grand Rapids dentist Dr. Mulder’s office, we practice conscious sedation. This means you are awake for the appointment and can respond to requests from Dr. Mulder or his staff, but you’re in a deeply relaxed state. Most people have little or no memory of the treatment and are back to normal within a few hours.

You’ll be given a sedative pill before your appointment time and once the effects have kicked in, you feel quite happy to sit in the dental chair. You can relax in a state of conscious sedation for a few hours while Dr. Mulder performs pain-free dental treatments. You can even have two or more procedures done in one session.

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