Sandra W.

I had some serious TMJ problems which, because of unusual spinal problems, promised to get more serious–something, I assure you, I did not want. Both my splint (worn at night) and my orthotic partial work perfectly to keep my jaw aligned regardless of my spinal condition.. This is great because I still have more spinal issues to get through (and am working hard on them). So the dental science is really good. And everyone here is top notch–spirited, friendly, timely, available, and open to questions.

Rob W.

Dr. Mulder and his staff make going to the dentist a pain-free and enjoyable experience! Best dental care I’ve had.

Lupe S.

I discovered I had TMJ in 1987. I was grinding my teeth at night while sleeping. I also was experiencing jaw pain, migraines, clicking and locking of my jaw as a result of my TMJ. I had surgery in 1988 to alleviate the pain. In 2000 I was able to receive a jaw reconstructive surgery. The surgery was a huge success until 2014 when I started having pain, migraines and could not chew my food. I went to see Dr. Mulder who began treating me with therapy and a neuromuscular orthotic designed to realign my jaw. I immediately felt relief and after the 2nd treatment, I could enjoy chewing food again! His treatment is working and I feel so much better. Thank you Jerry and your entire team for returning the pleasure of eating food back into my life and relieving me of all the jaw pain i was feeling.

Maria F.

After being diagnosed with sleep apnea and trying a CPAP and BiPAP I knew I needed another option. Dr. Mulder reduced my sleep apnea symptoms to be almost completely under control. I can sleep all night with my mouth guard and no more obtrusive machines. I cannot express how happy I am with what Dr. Mulder has been able to do for me. I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone!

Tim B.

I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea in 2012. After no success with Bi-pap and CPAP therapy, I was referred to Dr. Jerry Mulder who fitted me with a sleep apnea mouth appliance. It had made a huge difference in my quality of sleep, I am finally able to wake up feeling well rested and my wife appreciates that I no longer snore! After almost giving up on being able to sleep well, I am very glad that I found Dr. Jerry Mulder and the whole Life of Smiles team who have all been very helpful and knowledgeable through the process.

Giovana P.

Dr. Mulder is the dentist for our family needs. If you are looking for state of the art dental work, and an amazing staff at a reasonable price, you have come to the right place.There is something about a great dentist, once you find the right one, you stick with him! I have found mine. I have been with Dr. Mulder over a decade now and I am very happy with his services. My family and I could not be happier!

Michael T.

Hello Judy and Dr. Mulder, I wanted to write a note of appreciation of your wonderful work in helping me with my sleep apnea. As you’ll recall I was referred to you by Dr. Madala from the Mercy Health Sleep Clinic. The two sleep tests that she had performed on me indicated 32 to 37 incidences of awakening in each hour while using a CPAP. The purpose of the referral was to have a dental appliance custom made for me which would allow my breathing passage to open wider to improve my sleep. This was completed and the last tests only using the dental appliance and no CPAP machine showed only 4 incidences of awakening in an hour. As a result of this Dr. Madala has suggested that I only use the dental appliances and not the CPAP. I must say that I am certainly sleeping more soundly. Thank you sincerely for your help!

Melissa B.

The staff is always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They pay attention to detail. All around they get a 5 star from me!

Ginger Z.

Dr. Mulder and his staff have made going to the dentist an exciting experience, and I mean that. As someone who previously did not enjoy going to the dentist, this office makes it a point to make sure that not only are you comfortable during your procedure, but that the entire experience from entering the door, working with their staff before and after are a stress free experience and I would highly recommend them to people who are new to the area or seeking a new dentist.

Becky V.

For most of my life I have dealt with TMJ pain and bite issues but 5 years ago, my jaw locked open after a big yawn and I was in a lot of pain. I literally searched the internet for someone with expertise with TMJ issues and came upon Dr. Mulder’s website and began treatment. Although I live in Kalamazoo and had to travel an hour to get there, I’m glad to have met Dr. Mulder and his staff. I’ve had some bite splints to get my jaw in a better position and eventually braces to keep it there. Over the years I have come to know Dr. Mulder and his staff very well. My treatment is basically over and although that’s awesome, I’ll miss everyone there who has treated me so well. They’re knowledgeable and caring. I’d highly recommend checking out their care.