Paula M.

Tales of a Turncoat.

There are reasons why so many people dislike, fear and avoid dentists: bad memories of childhood visits, the antiseptic office spaces and smells, the buzzing, hacking, grinding sounds, the impersonalized invasion of one’s mouth – a sensitive and intensely personal place and really — lets just say it — the discomfort and pain.

I have been one of those people for my entire life. Although I always insured that my children received good dental care, I adopted a crisis management approach to my own which revolved around good personal dental habits (a euphemism for rigorous brushing, ahem) and professional intervention when needed. With each professional intervention my opinion on dentists in general was reinforced. But you can only food yourself for so long and in my sixth decade, well, the spaghetti stuck to the wall and I knew the ultimate crisis was close to hand.

I was a new transplant to Michigan and so I had to find a dentist. I googled. I whittled the list down to five or six options. I checked professional sites, read reviews.

I chose Jerry Mulder DDS and never looked back.

The office is warm and welcoming, a lovely space actually. Dr. Mulder is calm, measured and very, very good at what he does. The staff is a happy lot and seem to thrive in their work. There is also a strong culture of continuing education with the splendid result that patients can be assured that they’re receiving state of the art care.

As I was researching A Life Of Smiles, I read a review by a patient that said that since they had discovered Dr. Mulder and his daughter Dr. Allyson Mulder, they “actually ook forward to going to a dentist now”. I took this with a heaping grain of salt complimented by a large eye roll.

But now…now…I must confess that I don’t mind gong to THIS dentist, not one little bit.
And you should too!

As pleased as punched turncoat.