Sleep Apnea Grand Rapids MI

Is Snoring a Bigger Problem than you Think?

Snoring is something that we do when we sleep. Therefore, it is only natural that we are relatively unaware of this habit. Sure, we may be awakened from time to time by our own noise. We may even hear from others who sleep in close proximity to us that our snoring is disruptive to their… Read More »

Oral Hygiene Grand Rapids MI

Is Your Teen at Risk of Poor Dental Health?

When children are young and their teeth are developing, a lot of effort goes into teaching them how to brush and floss. Parents often go to great lengths to encourage school-aged children to maintain good oral care habits. They may limit the amount of sugar they consume and may offer rewards for daily brushing and… Read More »

Dental Treatments Grand Rapids, MI

Is the Man in Your Life at Risk of Dental Disease?

When we share a life with someone, there is a tendency to accept certain things as the norm. For example, we may not argue about which way the toilet paper is put on the roll. The fact of the matter is, men and women do things differently. Accepting our differences is part of what enables… Read More »

Porcelain Veneers Rockford, MI

Porcelain Veneers: Let’s Talk Upkeep

Cosmetic dentistry offers value to adults of all ages simply because we all deserve to feel good about our appearance. What better way to revive your appearance than by refreshing your smile? One of the most common ways that folks do this is by lifting stains with professional teeth whitening. As beneficial as teeth whitening… Read More »

Neuromuscular Dentistry Grand Rapids MI

How Neuromuscular Dentistry Can Improve TMJ Symptoms

The problem of TMJ syndrome, or TMJ disorder, is a relatively new concept for many people. Even people who live with localized pain in their jaw, clicking sounds, and chronic headaches may not realize that the source of their chronic or frequent pain is found right in their mouth. Furthermore, because they don’t realize this… Read More »

Smile Makeover Grand Rapids MI

Do I Need a Smile Makeover?

If you look in the mirror and try to observe any other part of your appearance besides your smile, there is a problem you’re trying to avoid. Maybe you’ve got a gap between your two front teeth that don’t look anything like Madonna’s or Anna Paquin’s. Maybe your teeth are short, and your smile is “gummy.”… Read More »

Smile Makeover Grand Rapids MI

What Is a Smile Makeover?

The term Smile Makeover has become somewhat common in cosmetic dentistry. But what does it mean; what does it entail? Most importantly, what we want to know when discussing a smile makeover is what it can do for us. Here, we provide the details that can help you better understand this comprehensive and immensely beneficial… Read More »

Periodontal Treatment Grand Rapids MI

Gum Disease: What You and Your Dentist Need to Discuss

When you see the dentist, it can feel like the majority of the attention is on your teeth. Historically, this was the focus of dentistry. Today, though, we know that it is also necessary to observe the soft tissue in the mouth. Dental exams have expanded from observing the visible portion of teeth to assessing… Read More »

Oral Hygiene Grand Rapids MI

Seniors Could use some Help, and We’ve Got it!

Growing older is nothing to fear, especially in this day and age of innovation. Compared to our parents and grandparents, we are expected to live longer and to live more vital lives. This is good news, and it is also news that alerts us to our responsibility to ourselves. When it comes to oral health,… Read More »

Wearing Invisalign? Congratulations! Now Let’s Talk Oral Care!

Invisalign is a popular treatment protocol for teens and adults of all ages. The very reason that this system is popular is the same reason it was developed in the first place: to give patients the ability to correct misalignment without having to suffer through the downside of braces. The way that Invisalign works, though,… Read More »