TMJ/TMD Grand Rapids, MI

This Could be the Cause of TMJ Disorder

We cover a lot of ground during the average dental examination. During these routine visits, it may seem as though we are focusing only on your teeth and gums, but there’s more going on. A vital part of any dental examination is to look for indications that unconscious tooth-grinding or jaw-clenching may be happening. There… Read More »

Invisalign Grand Rapids, MI

Think Braces are the Only Solution to Overlapping Teeth?

There are specific aspects of teeth that translate into an attractive smile. Primarily, what the eye wants to see are symmetry and vibrancy. So, how straight and how bright our teeth are is important when we want to feel good about our smile. In fact, teeth straightening and teeth whitening are two of the most… Read More »

Cosmetic Dentistry Grand Rapids, MI

Give Yourself the Gift of Confidence

One doesn’t have to stretch her imagination very far to see the relationship between an attractive smile and a strong sense of confidence. Market research has suggested, numerous times, which the appearance of our smile affects how we carry ourselves in our professional and social life. Furthermore, the appearance of the smile also affects the… Read More »

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Treatment Grand Rapids, MI

Want to Quit Snoring for Good?

Snoring is something that millions of us do. In many cases, the disruptive sounds are made for only a short period. Perhaps a mild cold has caused the soft tissue in the airway to swell ever-so-slightly. Maybe allergy season is a time that snoring becomes a common problem. These instances of snoring are somewhat normal… Read More »

Tooth Whitening Grand Rapids, MI

Teeth Whitening Done Right

Our teeth are strong and resilient, thanks to a hard outer shell of enamel. This substance may be one of the hardest in the body, but it is no match for that daily soda or iced tea with lunch. Over time, porous enamel becomes dull as deposits from foods and beverages accumulate beneath the surface,… Read More »

Oral Hygiene Grand Rapids, MI

Is Sensitivity a Problem or a Symptom?

Either way, you look at it, having sensitive teeth is a problem, right? No one could say it’s a walk in the park to feel the pang and ache of sensitivity when trying to enjoy a lovely meal or luscious treat. The fact of the matter is, tooth sensitivity is an issue for millions of… Read More »

Tips for Managing Dental Anxiety | A Life of Smiles | Grand Rapids, MI

Tips for Managing Dental Anxiety

It doesn’t take long for any dentist to realize that a large percentage of patients don’t want to be in the dental chair. This is not a fact we shy away from. In fact, knowing that dental anxiety is very real – and very strong – in many patients drives us to provide the highest… Read More »

Invisalign Works When You Work It | A Life of Smiles | Grand Rapids, MI

Invisalign Works When You Work It

Invisalign has been routinely sought by patients who want a straighter smile without braces. We are happy to oblige with personal, friendly care developed around each patient’s needs. When we begin an Invisalign treatment protocol with a patient, it is our intent to support them through their process. It is important that patients know what… Read More »

Dental Implants Grand Rapids, MI

Dental Implants Do More Than Replace Teeth

When you hear the word “permanent,” one impression comes to mind: something that will last forever. This would seem logical, even when it comes to our teeth. However, most of us know someone, perhaps a grandparent or parent, whose natural teeth are no longer present in their smile. Permanent teeth are not impervious teeth; they… Read More »