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Grand Rapids Sedation Dentist Q & A | A Life of Smiles

How long will I be under the effects of the sedative

Typically you’ll be taking one-pill, which will keep you drowsy and relaxed for four to six hours. Whether your dental procedure(s) take that entire time or not, do make sure to have someone to drive you home.

How much dental work can I have performed during a sedation dentistry visit?

One of the great things about sedation dentistry is that it allows several treatments to be performed in one visit. Dr. Mulder can work more quickly while you’re drowsy and not resisting his work.
Also, with the use of the CEREC machine, restorations can be created on the spot. Depending on your schedule and Dr. Mulder’s, you may be able to have several hours worth of treatment performed all at once. For instance, you could have a cleaning, a filling, and a crown performed in one visit! Traditionally, that would have required four visits.

Will sedation dentistry cure my dental phobia?

Sedation dentistry is not a cure for anxiety, but a temporary solution that allows dental work to be completed more quickly and easily. However, after a few worry-free visits, some people find that they do experience less anxiety than they used to. Read more about dealing with dental anxiety.

What are the risks associated with sedation dentistry?

While use of sedation in the dental industry is regulated for safety by ADA guidelines, there is always some degree of risk involved with any medication. Assuming you are in good health and have been upfront with your doctor about your health history and current medical conditions, your risk of experiencing adverse side effects should be extremely low. Also make sure you choose a sedation doctor with certification.

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