Lupe S.

I discovered I had TMJ in 1987. I was grinding my teeth at night while sleeping. I also was experiencing jaw pain, migraines, clicking and locking of my jaw as a result of my TMJ. I had surgery in 1988 to alleviate the pain. In 2000 I was able to receive a jaw reconstructive surgery. The surgery was a huge success until 2014 when I started having pain, migraines and could not chew my food. I went to see Dr. Mulder who began treating me with therapy and a neuromuscular orthotic designed to realign my jaw. I immediately felt relief and after the 2nd treatment, I could enjoy chewing food again! His treatment is working and I feel so much better. Thank you Jerry and your entire team for returning the pleasure of eating food back into my life and relieving me of all the jaw pain i was feeling.