Matthew Amy A.

I have many dental anxieties. I looked for a dentist near me who would hopefully be able to see me regardless of my fears. I found Dr. Jerry Mulder and thought that I would try. The entire office treats me with so much kindness. Through my consultation, cleaning, deep cleaning, and fillings, I was put at ease. Every step of the way, Dr. Jerry asked if I was in pain, scared, or uncomfortable. He also mentioned anything positive that I was doing – instead of feeling guilty for not flossing, I felt proud of what I presently do right and even encouraged to go beyond. Dr. Jerry said that there is no need for a dental shot to ever hurt, right before he gave me a shot. When the shot, indeed, had no bite for me, I calmed down. In my past, I have felt a roughness in how dentists treat my mouth or my pain; with Dr. Jerry, his care, and concern for me come first and are directly related to the health of my mouth. I don’t dread going back to Dr. Jerry or anyone on his staff. I feel that they are working very hard to keep any pain or (gasp!) future root canal far away from me.

Susan E.

My husband’s family has been going to Jerry Mulder for years and years — sibs, parents, cousins, aunts — the whole bunch of them. They are really friendly and knowledgeable, the office is nice, the office staff is great, and they remember you and your family. Maybe they refer to notes before they see you, but who cares? If they do, at least they care enough to do so!

Roger S.

After 3 months of pain in the face and jaw and visits to several doctors and dentists, I was referred to Dr. Jerry Mulder. It didn’t take him long to discover my problem. I could go on and sing his praises, but just want to say he is a wonderful doctor and I am lucky to have found him. His entire staff is very helpful and kind.

Ann V.

Typically, I am not a fan of dentists. But time and time again Dr. Jerry Mulder has proven to be the greatest! He is extremely skillful and proficient. He and his office have always performed at the highest level, always striving to achieve the optimum outcome for the patient. I highly recommend A Life of Smiles to anyone in need of a dentist. I personally can attest to Dr. Mulder’s calm demeanor and his accomplished abilities! I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Sara F.

After I got into my car accident, I could barely open my jaw. I waited almost a year before I truly did anything. My case was very challenging, because I had very limited movement. They were able to work with me and I am finally able to open my mouth the farthest I have even been! Stacey and Dr. Jerry Mulder are awesome at really listening to your problems and are willing to try anything just to get you back to normal. It may be a lot of money but it is 100% worth it!!

Nate M.

Dr. Mulder and his team are great at what they do, and genuinely care about their patients! I could not be happier with the front crowns they gave me in time for Christmas!

Aimée H.

Hands down the BEST Dentist & Office Staff I have ever been to! Dr. Mulder (and his assistances) walk me through every step along the way with each procedure I have had done. He explains thoroughly in an understanding manner what is going on with my teeth, always ask if I need anything or how am I doing, and are easy to work with if you are open about your financial situation. They have all the top of the line technology to ensure you are getting the absolute best service a dentist office can offer. I would recommend Life of Smiles to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Corinda H.

I literally feel so comfortable… That I could actually fall asleep during my visits!!!

Nate M.

This practice is prompt, they seem to do good work, and seem to be concerned with the all the needs of the patient. I recently broke a tooth. I called and was seen within two days.When I was prepped for a crown replacement with a temporary crown, The Dr. called me at home later that night, just to make sure I was OK. While that may sound like a standard, it has not been that way with my former dentists.

Jessica D.

I’m so grateful for Dr. Mulder. For years I had clicking in my jaw and thought nothing of it; however, I was accidentally hit in the head and my jaw changed significantly. My jaw locked in place and I could barley fit my finger in it. My Dr. tried prescribing medication for the pain, my dentist made a splint, and I spent many sessions with a physical therapist, and I was completely burnt out on trying to live a “normal jaw life”. We found Dr. Mulder online and I was hesitant to try because nothing worked. I’m so grateful I gave it another try! My symptoms have subsided and I continue to receive care through Dr. Mulder. My headaches, stiff muscles, jaw clicking, ear pain, inability to sleep, etc. have all subsided and I continue to see Dr. Mulder regularly!