Matthew Amy A.

I have many dental anxieties. I looked for a dentist near me who would hopefully be able to see me regardless of my fears. I found Dr. Jerry Mulder and thought that I would try. The entire office treats me with so much kindness. Through my consultation, cleaning, deep cleaning, and fillings, I was put at ease. Every step of the way, Dr. Jerry asked if I was in pain, scared, or uncomfortable. He also mentioned anything positive that I was doing – instead of feeling guilty for not flossing, I felt proud of what I presently do right and even encouraged to go beyond. Dr. Jerry said that there is no need for a dental shot to ever hurt, right before he gave me a shot. When the shot, indeed, had no bite for me, I calmed down. In my past, I have felt a roughness in how dentists treat my mouth or my pain; with Dr. Jerry, his care, and concern for me come first and are directly related to the health of my mouth. I don’t dread going back to Dr. Jerry or anyone on his staff. I feel that they are working very hard to keep any pain or (gasp!) future root canal far away from me.