Kailee Q.

I just moved to Grand Rapids and needed a new dentist to fix a crown on my front tooth. The staff was very welcoming and friendly at Lift of Smiles. They walked me through everything I needed to know and made a real effort to make me comfortable. The staff is very well educated and will help you save money while getting the best smile possible! I would recommend Life of Smiles to anyone!

Isaac L.

I’ve visited many dentists over the years, I’m certainly not used to looking forward to appointments. You, however, answered all of my many questions and made me feel that I was among friends, I learned so much. I’ve spent a career working with the absolute finest of cabinetmakers, designers, engineers and artists within my chosen field. Many of them taught me, along the way, to recognize and appreciate a craft when practiced at its’ highest level. Like a young person stopped in my tracks, my eyes wide and bright, my jaw slightly slack and a curiously wide grin as when seeing something amazing for the first time. That’s what you’ve done as well. Believe me, others will hear of my experience. A jackpot win against staggering odds, I originally chose you because you were closest to my home, who knew? For the first time in many moons, the smile I share on the outside matches the one on the inside. Thank you so, you have a new fan.

Sharon D.

As much as I dislike going to the dentist in general, Dr. Mulder is excellent at what he does and he and his staff are always up-to-date on everything with regard to dentistry. I am always put at ease in the dental chair and there is constant concern that I am okay with whatever procedure is occurring. Thank you!

Calvin W.

The team at A Life Of Smiles go the extra mile to make certain that your experience is not only comfortable and painless but also stress-free. They’ve literally created a tropical oasis that must be seen to be believed, which is exactly what I encourage you to do NOW.

Jusy C.

I was really afraid of having bridge work done. It did not hurt and was not uncomfortable. I was truly amazed. The temporary looks and feels great. Thank you so much! You thoroughly explained the process for me.

Kara G.

Wonderful experience. I would recommend Dr. Mulder to anyone. He is a wonderful caring dentist. His cosmetic dental work now is amazing.

Michael C.

For someone who has some bad experiences at the dentist, I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Mulder and his staff. From the front desk to the patient chair, Dr. Mulder and his staff are a class act.

Marguerite H.

I’m a 71-year-old woman who has suffered TMJ headaches for my entire adult life and never knew what they were until a friend recently mentioned TMJ and I looked it up on the internet. Fortunate for me, one of the internet search results was Dr. Jerry Mulder and I called immediately for an appointment. On my first visit, my head hurt too much to even ask intelligent questions. Why, when I had been having dental procedures done by an endodontist for five years, had my dentist or the endodontist never thought the pain might be referred pain from my jaw? My jaw was in terrible shape (my opinion), some bone was missing, and the joint was pressing up into my ear. I had severe jaw pain, a numb chin, facial pain, neck pain, constant headache, dizziness, back pain, ear congestion and diminished hearing, shoulder pain, sinus congestion, and visual disturbances. I was basically non-functional when I got my orthotic from Dr. Mulder. Now, three months later, I am functional. Some days I still get a headache and/or some dizziness but the difference is miraculous. Most of the other symptoms I listed above are gone. I so wish I had started this treatment years earlier before permanent damage was done to my jaw, but I am thrilled at the progress I have made thanks to Dr. Mulder and hope to graduate to only wearing the orthotic at night soon. Thank you for giving me my life back.

Yvonee K.

Dr. Jerry Mulder is terrific!! His knowledge and expertise in treating my TMJ has made me feel very comfortable that it is being done right. His office staff are very knowledgeable as well!! My headaches are nearly gone and the pain in my jaw, neck and shoulders is SO much better! Making the appointment for his office to treat my TMJ was a great decision! The office is wonderful and the staff are very friendly. I recommend Dr. Jerry Mulder and his staff to anyone who is experiencing pain related to TMJ!!

Teresa S.

Dr. Mulder and his staff are very professional and attentive to your needs. Very pleased with my treatment here and would highly recommend.