Ginger Z.

Dr. Mulder and his staff have made going to the dentist an exciting experience, and I mean that. As someone who previously did not enjoy going to the dentist, this office makes it a point to make sure that not only are you comfortable during your procedure, but that the entire experience from entering the door, working with their staff before and after are a stress free experience and I would highly recommend them to people who are new to the area or seeking a new dentist.

Becky V.

For most of my life I have dealt with TMJ pain and bite issues but 5 years ago, my jaw locked open after a big yawn and I was in a lot of pain. I literally searched the internet for someone with expertise with TMJ issues and came upon Dr. Mulder’s website and began treatment. Although I live in Kalamazoo and had to travel an hour to get there, I’m glad to have met Dr. Mulder and his staff. I’ve had some bite splints to get my jaw in a better position and eventually braces to keep it there. Over the years I have come to know Dr. Mulder and his staff very well. My treatment is basically over and although that’s awesome, I’ll miss everyone there who has treated me so well. They’re knowledgeable and caring. I’d highly recommend checking out their care.

Dawn N.

Very friendly office! I’ve been going there for TMJ issues and the results are amazing! I feel much better. No more migraines!

Charles W.

I came to Dr. Mulder because of my jaw bothering me for months! I went to several doctors, they couldn’t figure out why my jaw was causing me the problems I was complaining about. I finally called Dr. Mulder because he had the experience and knowledge I needed. Finally, I had an answer, it was TMJ. He did several tests and had a neuromuscular orthotic made for me. My jaw pain and irritation is gone. I feel great now! I’m so thankful he could and did solve my issues!

Matthew J.

Drs Mulder and staff are very courteous. My family has trusted them for all of our dental needs for over 10 years now.

Gabriel S.

I have been a client of Dr. Mulder for 19 years. He and his staff are highly competent. No only do they know how to make you comfortable and relaxed so that you don’t feel a thing, but they are experts at what they do. Overall, the quality of the service is outstanding!

Kara G.

Wonderful experience. I would recommend Dr. Mulder to anyone. He is a wonderful caring dentist. His cosmetic dental work is amazing.

Kekoa R.

My family has been going here for about 20 years for our dental needs. The recent change in location has modernized the office layout and looks great! The hygienists are very efficient in cleaning and examination, and I always feel in good hands when I do require further needs such as fillings, or bite splints. They are a very knowledgeable and professional group.The staff has always been warm and welcoming, even with a mouth full of stuff they try their best to hold a conversation! But all joking aside all the personnel are incredibly bright and polite. I have never been afraid of the dentist because I always have a great experience from the welcoming staff, conversation (especially with Margret and Dr Mulder), and the excellent service they provide. After so long it feels like they have become an essential part of our family, as they always ask how we are all doing and miss the loved ones who passed away just as we do. Not many can provide care with a smile and actually care and like them!

Teresa S.

Dr. Mulder and his staff are very professional and attentive to your needs. Very pleased with my treatment here and would highly recommend.