Michael T.

Hello Judy and Dr. Mulder, I wanted to write a note of appreciation of your wonderful work in helping me with my sleep apnea. As you’ll recall I was referred to you by Dr. Madala from the Mercy Health Sleep Clinic. The two sleep tests that she had performed on me indicated 32 to 37 incidences of awakening in each hour while using a CPAP. The purpose of the referral was to have a dental appliance custom made for me which would allow my breathing passage to open wider to improve my sleep. This was completed and the last tests only using the dental appliance and no CPAP machine showed only 4 incidences of awakening in an hour. As a result of this Dr. Madala has suggested that I only use the dental appliances and not the CPAP. I must say that I am certainly sleeping more soundly. Thank you sincerely for your help!