Wearing Invisalign? Congratulations! Now Let’s Talk Oral Care!

Invisalign is a popular treatment protocol for teens and adults of all ages. The very reason that this system is popular is the same reason it was developed in the first place: to give patients the ability to correct misalignment without having to suffer through the downside of braces. The way that Invisalign works, though,… Read More »

Invisalign Grand Rapids, MI

Think Braces are the Only Solution to Overlapping Teeth?

There are specific aspects of teeth that translate into an attractive smile. Primarily, what the eye wants to see are symmetry and vibrancy. So, how straight and how bright our teeth are is important when we want to feel good about our smile. In fact, teeth straightening and teeth whitening are two of the most… Read More »

Invisalign Works When You Work It | A Life of Smiles | Grand Rapids, MI

Invisalign Works When You Work It

Invisalign has been routinely sought by patients who want a straighter smile without braces. We are happy to oblige with personal, friendly care developed around each patient’s needs. When we begin an Invisalign treatment protocol with a patient, it is our intent to support them through their process. It is important that patients know what… Read More »