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Is Your Teen at Risk of Poor Dental Health?

When children are young and their teeth are developing, a lot of effort goes into teaching them how to brush and floss. Parents often go to great lengths to encourage school-aged children to maintain good oral care habits. They may limit the amount of sugar they consume and may offer rewards for daily brushing and… Read More »

Wearing Invisalign? Congratulations! Now Let’s Talk Oral Care!

Invisalign is a popular treatment protocol for teens and adults of all ages. The very reason that this system is popular is the same reason it was developed in the first place: to give patients the ability to correct misalignment without having to suffer through the downside of braces. The way that Invisalign works, though,… Read More »

Oral Hygiene Grand Rapids, MI

Is Sensitivity a Problem or a Symptom?

Either way, you look at it, having sensitive teeth is a problem, right? No one could say it’s a walk in the park to feel the pang and ache of sensitivity when trying to enjoy a lovely meal or luscious treat. The fact of the matter is, tooth sensitivity is an issue for millions of… Read More »