Cosmetic Dentistry

choosing a cosmetic dentist

What to look for in a Cosmetic Dentist

Grand Rapids, MI When you look in the mirror, are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth and mouth? Cosmetic dentistry can help resolve these aesthetic issues. Although cosmetic dentistry has been around for decades, not every dentist is qualified to perform cosmetic procedures; this actually is a specialization of dental science, using specific,… Read More »

what your smile says

What does your Smile say about you?

Grand Rapids, MI First impressions are everything. It takes only a tenth of a second to make an impression, which is 100 times faster than it took you to read this sentence. Studies conclude that one-third of people notice someone else’s smile when meeting for the first time. What kind of first impression is your… Read More »

i want a new smile

I Want a New Smile, but Where do I Start?

Grand Rapids, MI Most of us do not naturally have a perfect smile. Thankfully, Big Rapid’s cosmetic dentists at A Life of Smiles can transform any smile into one that instills confidence and beauty. If you want to change your smile but aren’t sure where to start, then this blog is for you! Sometimes, it’s… Read More »

dreaming of white smile

Dreaming of a White Smile this Christmas

Grand Rapids, MI Are you dreaming of a white Christmas, as in a white smile? While holiday parties commence, you may be dreaming of getting whiter teeth as a gift to yourself this Christmas. Cosmetic dentists in the Grand Rapids area at A Life of Smiles has the perfect solution for you to get that… Read More »

halloween treats ruin cosmetic dentistry

Don’t let Halloween Treats ruin your Cosmetic Dental Work

Grand Rapids, MI In more ways than one, cosmetic dentistry is an investment. Referring to the specialization of dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of teeth, cosmetic dentistry is a financial investment—usually a significant one—because cosmetic procedures use high-quality materials, sophisticated techniques, and advanced tools. Cosmetic dentistry also is an investment in yourself, because… Read More »

transform your smile for your big day

Transform your Smile before your Big Day

Grand Rapids, MI We all have events and occasions we look forward to at times. For you, it may be a class reunion, a family get-together, a wedding—either yours or someone you’re close to—or a big date with a potential special someone. Whatever special occasion you are looking forward to, why not prepare for it… Read More »

choosing a cosmetic dentist in grand rapids

Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, MI When you take a look in the mirror and smile, are you happy with the way your teeth look? Many people are dissatisfied with certain aspects of the appearance of their smile, but luckily, a great-looking smile full of beautiful teeth is more attainable than ever thanks to cosmetic dentistry in Grand… Read More »

Porcelain Veneers Rockford, MI

Porcelain Veneers: Let’s Talk Upkeep

Cosmetic dentistry offers value to adults of all ages simply because we all deserve to feel good about our appearance. What better way to revive your appearance than by refreshing your smile? One of the most common ways that folks do this is by lifting stains with professional teeth whitening. As beneficial as teeth whitening… Read More »

Invisalign Grand Rapids, MI

Think Braces are the Only Solution to Overlapping Teeth?

There are specific aspects of teeth that translate into an attractive smile. Primarily, what the eye wants to see are symmetry and vibrancy. So, how straight and how bright our teeth are is important when we want to feel good about our smile. In fact, teeth straightening and teeth whitening are two of the most… Read More »

Cosmetic Dentistry Grand Rapids, MI

Give Yourself the Gift of Confidence

One doesn’t have to stretch her imagination very far to see the relationship between an attractive smile and a strong sense of confidence. Market research has suggested, numerous times, which the appearance of our smile affects how we carry ourselves in our professional and social life. Furthermore, the appearance of the smile also affects the… Read More »