Don’t let Halloween Treats ruin your Cosmetic Dental Work

  • Posted on: Oct 7 2018

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In more ways than one, cosmetic dentistry is an investment. Referring to the specialization of dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of teeth, cosmetic dentistry is a financial investment—usually a significant one—because cosmetic procedures use high-quality materials, sophisticated techniques, and advanced tools. Cosmetic dentistry also is an investment in yourself, because you are deciding to have cosmetic work done to correct aesthetic flaws in your smile.

If you are making this investment, you want to protect it. But what do you do during the Halloween season, when all of society is encouraging you to indulge your sweet tooth? Your Grand Rapids cosmetic dentists at A Life of Smiles have assembled this list of tips to help you prevent letting Halloween treats ruin your cosmetic dental work.

Binging on candy on Halloween can do more damage to your teeth than you might realize

We all know that consuming too much sugar raises your likelihood of developing cavities. This is because, when you eat or drink sugar, that sugar is consumed by bacteria that is in the mouth, and then secreted as an acid. Often sticky, the bacteria secretions can accumulate on the surfaces of your teeth, as well as the crevices and spaces where your toothbrush cannot reach. If you develop a cavity on a tooth that has had a cosmetic procedure performed on it such as along the edge of a crown or on the backside of a tooth that has a veneer, then repairing that cavity may require redoing the cosmetic work.

It is understandable to want at least some candy on Halloween but to protect your cosmetic dental work, enjoy these sweets in moderation. Once you are finished, rinse out your mouth with water to minimize the build-up of any sugars and acids from your mouth. Be sure also that you brush your teeth before bed to avoid allowing the sugar to stick to your teeth all night.

Some candies are better than others

Eating candy is usually not a good thing for your oral health, but by making smart choices, you can indulge your sweet tooth while not jeopardizing your oral health as much. For example, chocolates dissolve more quickly in the mouth. That means any lingering sugars can be washed away easily by your saliva, or through a quick rinse of your mouth with water. Limit your consumption of especially chewy and sticky candies, as these have a much higher likelihood of sticking to or between your teeth, where they can linger and become a breeding ground for the bacteria that lead to tooth decay.

Be sure to maintain good dental hygiene during the holidays

If you are going to chow down on candy this Halloween, we recommend brushing teeth about an hour after you have eaten. And, while no cosmetic dental procedure lasts forever, you can do your part to prolong effectiveness for as long as possible by brushing and flossing daily, and visiting your dentists in Grand Rapids every six months for a cleaning and an examination. This routine care is part of maintaining long-lasting cosmetic work.

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