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National Children’s Dental Health Month – Time To Avoid Sugar

“Sugar Wars” is the theme of the 2016 National Children’s Dental Health Month. Dental professionals everywhere are encouraging children and their parents to stop consuming so much sugar. Sugar consumption can cause tooth decay and many children consume too much on a daily basis.

Bacteria Lurks In Surgical Equipment

When you have a dental procedure one of the biggest risks associated with a procedure is infection. Bacterial infections can cause  lot of problems and make it harder for your to heal or cause complications. A new study found that all surgical equipment contains bacteria so when you have dental surgery, you are being exposed… Read More »

Can Saliva Show A Risk For Cancer?

Your dentist can tell a lot about your health, and not just your oral health. There are things you dentist can tell by inspected your teeth and gums and can tell him if you are suffering from any diseases or at risk for them. Saliva can be tested for cancer cells and could be a… Read More »

Dentist Creates Hit Children’s Book

Katrina Deas, a dentist in South Carolina has written a children’s book that teaches children the important of dental health. The book has caught on and is popular among children of all ages. Based on stories about her son, the book is out just in time for Children’s Dental Health Month. Read the full article… Read More »

Health Minister Supports Water Fluoridation

The use of fluoride in drinking water is debated around the world. Many experts believe it is an essential part of building strong teeth, while others think he side effects are too risky. In the UK, the health minister claims to support the fluoridation of tap water. How do you feel about the issue? Read… Read More »

Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

A lot of people need to have their wisdom teeth removed, but not everyone. Your dentist can check out your teeth and tell you if they are causing problems or could cause problems in the future. Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed and the surgery should only be done if necessary. Read… Read More »

Sleeping With Your Mouth Open Is Bad For Your Teeth

There are many things that dentists claim are bad for your teeth, but who knew sleeping with your mouth open is one of them? Dentists claim that sleeping with your mouth open is as bad for your teeth as drinking a fizzy drink right before bed and could cause tooth decay and other problems. Read… Read More »

Snowy Owls Begin Landing In Michigan

Snowy owls, like many birds, migrate. They make long trips from the Arctic to the United States and back again. Many of them are landing in Michigan and being banded. Some of these owls are exhausted and are in need of care. Many have been nursed back to health and released again. Read the full… Read More »

Mobile Dental Units Are Saving Elderly Teeth

Mobile dental units safe a lot of smiles and are convenient for everyone, but they are a blessing to many elderly patients. Some elderly patients are unable to get to a dentist’s office for the procedures they need. When a mobile unit brings the care to them, they are much more likely to get the… Read More »

Charitable Dental Clinics See Increase In Patients

Charitable dental clinics are held all over the country and are becoming increasingly popular. Many clinics have reported an increase in patients and many even see patients camping out on the streets just so they can get in to one of the clinic. Dental care is not covered by many different insurance companies and many… Read More »