Would You Wear Dentures Made From A Dead Soldier’s Teeth?

  • Posted on: Jun 16 2015

In the early days of dentistry experiments were common and dentists and patients often made do with what they had.  In the 18th an 19th century, the rich were consuming a lot of sugar. This also meant they were experiencing a lot of tooth decay. Desperate for teeth, they came up with a solution. Teeth were taken from the dead, often soldiers and used to make dentures.

Teeth weren’t only taken from dead donors, they were also taken from live ones. Since many poor people did not have access to sugar, their teeth were not as decayed. They would often donate their teeth for a fee. They needed money to feed their families more than cosmetically appealing teeth. There are many record of early dentures being made from human teeth and even ads asking for human teeth donations.

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