Top 9 Foods that Damage Your Teeth

  • Posted on: Mar 7 2015

Spoiler Alert – This List may Contain a Few Surprises

Many people wonder about damaging their teeth and what the worst foods are to eat that are harmful to their dental hygiene. Hard candies like suckers give constant exposure to sugar which is dangerous to your teeth. People who chew ice can damage their teeth and possibly even break them. Citrus can be a problem because they are acidic and can erode enamel. Coffee is fine until you add sugar plus it can stain your teeth. Sticky foods, including dried fruits are one of the worst because they stick to your teeth. If it goes crunch, like a potato chip, flossing becomes a priority. Soda is a no-no so stick to water because the sugar produces acid which attacks enamel. Alcohol as well can be bad for your teeth from dehydration and dry mouth to reduced saliva flow leading to tooth decay. Sports drinks surprisingly make this list because sugar is a top ingredient. These nine foods, or food groups should be avoided as much as possible to keep your teeth healthy.

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