Tooth Decay: Did Sugar Industry Behave Like The Tobacco Industry?

  • Posted on: May 18 2015

How much sugar do you consume during an average day? You are likely aware of that spoonful you sprinkle over your cereal or the packet you stir into your coffee, but how about the sugar in the various foods and drinks you consume all day? Whether you know it or not, you are likely consuming a lot of sugar and you may even have a sugar addiction.

Dentists have known for a long time that sugar leads to tooth decay, but when the sugar companies became aware of the connection, they did little to help the public reduce their sugar intake. Dentist and doctors called for the public to stop eating so much sugar to protect their teeth but the sugar companies blamed other causes. This behavior is similar to how tobacco companies handled the public when they found out that tobacco can lead to cancer and other health problems. Did sugar companied behave just like the tobacco companies and put the public at risk for tooth decay for their own selfish and greedy reasons?

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