Too Many Dental X-Rays Are Bad For Children

  • Posted on: May 25 2015

Dental x-rays are often needed to help determine the condition of a person’s teeth. In children, x-rays help dentists see how adult teeth are growing and if there will be any need for braces, surgery or other treatments before or after those teeth come in. Although the dental community agrees that x-rays are necessary, there are many dentists who are making it a point to reduce the number of x-rays children have on their teeth and mouths.

X-rays are helpful in many medical and dental practices, but exposing children to too much radiation can be harmful and lead to all sorts of problems. Many dentists are working to only do x-rays when necessary and not as part of a routine exam and to concentrate any x-rays on the problem areas. They are hoping this will help ensure the safety of children and cut back on the amount of radiation they receive.

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