Saliva Protects Teeth From Cavities

  • Posted on: May 8 2015

Saliva is made up of mostly water. The tiny percent that isn’t water is mucus. The purpose of mucus it to keep saliva slippery and stretchy, so it can move around. A recent study shows that the mucous in saliva could also help fight tooth decay and other oral health problems. Saliva prevent bacteria from forming biofilms on the teeth that can cause cavities. While saliva doesn’t kill the bacteria, it does keep it in a suspended state that prevents it from attaching to teeth and gums, growing and reproducing.

The study shows that the body has natural defenses that may be better at protecting us and keeping us healthy than external methods, such as brushing and mouth wash. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can throw your oral hygiene out the window. By combining the natural method and external methods, you can protect your body to the fullest.

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