Rescued White Lion Makes A Trip To The Dentist

  • Posted on: May 5 2015

Dental hygiene is important to humans, so why not animals as well. You may brush your dog’s teeth or even your cat’s teeth on a regular basis, but would you ever think of brushing a lion’s teeth? One rescued white lion recently made a trip to the dentist to have two of his missing teeth replaced.

The young while lion is names Aslan and at a young age, an injury caused him to lose two of his four canine teeth. These teeth are what lions use to take down pretty and rip and tear meat as they eat it. Without them, Aslan has struggled and experienced severe pain.

The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary were able to got a toothpaste company to sponsor the dental work and Aslan got the procedure he so desperately needed and a second chance at living a normal life. The procedure was captures on video and shared with Aslan’s story.

» See the video and read the full article here.

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