Enamel Evolved In The Skin Before Teeth

  • Posted on: Oct 12 2015

Enamel is the first defense against tooth decay and problems. The hard surface of the teeth can wear down over time due to acids and sugars found in some foods. Dentists and researchers are still working to learn more about tooth enamel in hope of protecting it better and even helping to regrow it someday. Recent studies show that it started in the skin and evolved to protect teeth.

“Psarolepis and Andreolepis are among the earliest bony fishes, so we believe that their lack of tooth enamel is primitive and not a specialization. It seems that enamel originated in the skin, where we call it ganoine, and only colonized the teeth at a later point,” explains Per Ahlberg, Professor of Evolutionary Organismal Biology at Uppsala University.

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