Did You Know: A Dentist Saved The Tooth Fairy From Extinction In 1990

  • Posted on: May 1 2015

Do you remember the tooth fairy? Perhaps you now have children who believe in her? Can you imagine what your childhood would have been like without the tooth fairy? Would you have been excited to lose your teeth? Did you know that the tooth fairy almost became outlawed in 1990?

At a time when the government was concerned about the environment and waste management, they began to make some ridiculous laws. The EPA claimed that extracted teeth were considered hazardous waste, and demanded that they be pulverized and sterilized. This would mean that children could not put them under their pillow for the tooth fairy to find.

On dentist decided this new law was just too much and made the EPA aware of how ridiculous their demands were and what they would mean to children everywhere. The EPA reconsidered and the tooth fairy is still around today, collecting teeth and paying the children who lost them.

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