Dentist to the Stars – Dr. LeRoy Nisson

  • Posted on: Mar 10 2015

When A Beautiful Smile really Matters

Marilyn Monroe is one of the icons of Hollywood beauty but Dr. LeRoy Nisson, dentist to the stars was only interested in her teeth. He also worked on Clark Gable and Howard Hughes’ teeth over the years. He tells a story of when Marilyn was asked by her director to make her teeth whiter and Dr. Nisson remembers telling her that she had the best set of teeth he’d ever seen and told her to go back and tell her director that. He’s retired now and in his basement, which he calls his ‘Hollywood Room,’ are photos of his celebrity patients and many of them are signed, with some including messages to the dentist. Dr. Nisson has a rural background and after serving in the Air Force, he took a chance and by luck, he found a medical building near the stars.

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