Can A Dental Device Help Your Sleep Apnea?

  • Posted on: Jun 5 2015

Sleep apnea is a health problem that affects millions of people. In many cases it can be a sign of another health problem. There are currently a variety of sleep apnea treatments on the market but some can be expensive or uncomfortable and others just simply don’t work. A new dental device looks promising at treating sleep apnea and Dr. Mason says that many patients are reporting that the product not only works well, but I also easy to use and comfortable to wear.

 “The oral appliance is small, it’s comfortable, portable,” explains Dr. Mason.  “It holds their jaw from falling back which opens the airwaves so it treats their sleep apnea.”

When patients are comfortable with a treatment or device, they are much more likely to use it and get the results it promises.  The device an be fitted by a dentist and is practical and affordable.

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