Why DIY Braces is a Bad Idea

  • Posted on: Aug 5 2018

diy braces is a bad ideaGrand Rapids, MI

Technological advances have changed every aspect of our life but one new trend online—making your own braces—needs to get deleted. This method consists of using rubber hairbands to tie together pairs of teeth, theoretically closing any gap between those teeth and straightening them. While DIY braces may seem like a popular trend given the number of video tutorials that you can find on the Internet praising this method, actually attempting DIY braces can be devastating to your oral health. Your Grand Rapids orthodontists at A Life of Smiles want to educate you as to why trying DIY braces is a bad idea.

DIY braces are ineffective and inaccurate

There is a reason why the vast majority of people seek out an experienced and professionally trained orthodontist to straighten teeth in Grand Rapids. This is because straightening teeth is a very precise task that requires applying just the right amount of pressure on each tooth. Not applying the proper amount of diligence can yield results that are just temporary—or result in a failed outcome with no discernible difference. Conversely, applying too much pressure can loosen teeth or even might lead to them falling out of the mouth. There is little precision involved in any type of DIY braces. The at-home method makes it impossible to determine how much pressure is being applied to each individual tooth.

DIY braces are dangerous and could cost you your teeth

When it comes to DIY braces, the risks are not worth the reward. As mentioned above, applying inordinate amounts of pressure could make your teeth fall out. Moreover, the rubber hair bands used in these methods are usually not of a high quality. They could break or fall off your teeth, potentially becoming choking hazards. There are none of these risks associated with legitimate systems of orthodontic treatment, which are professionally designed and placed by a well-trained orthodontist like the ones on staff at A Life of Smiles.

Orthodontic treatment in Grand Rapids

In general, it is amazing how the Internet and the advances in technology have made more ambitious projects more achievable for do-it-yourselfers out there. However, a novice should never attempt any type of medical procedure—including an orthodontic treatment. Leave these matters to the pros instead.

At A Life of Smiles, we offer multiple systems of orthodontic treatment. In addition to traditional braces, your Grand Rapids cosmetic dentists also offer Invisalign, which uses different sets of clear, plastic aligners to apply gentle pressure to guide teeth into alignment—while also being almost imperceptible to other people. A Life of Smiles also can place veneers made of beautiful dental porcelain on the front of teeth, which create the appearance of straighter teeth. However, using veneers is purely a cosmetic solution and will do nothing to resolve any structural issues that are occurring due to having crooked teeth.

Our staff will work with you by determining which method of orthodontic treatment is right for you. It starts at your initial consultation. Schedule yours by calling our office in Grand Rapids at (616) 458-0631.

A Life of Smiles is proud to offer cutting-edge orthodontic treatment to patients in the areas of Big Rapids, Grand Rapids, and Holland, Michigan.

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