Health Heroes: Meet 7 Honorees Who Chose to Help Others

  • Posted on: Nov 10 2013

Dr. Allyson B. Mulder, 29, dentist and owner of WestSide Dental; partner at A Life of Smiles Dental Office

Nominators said:
She is the definition of an entrepreneur and philanthropist. After graduation from dental school, she worked with her dentist father, Jerry Mulder, and after only five months bought a dental practice. She can be found on weeknights and weekends at the office making sure records are well kept and everything is ready for the next day. She is also involved in continuing education to help patients with sleep apnea and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. She encourages her employees to continue their education as well.

She said:
“Early signs of many systemic diseases often appear first in the oral cavity. Therefore, as dentists, we have a unique opportunity that gives us a glimpse into a patient’s overall health and can detect concerns early on.”

Life lesson:
“You never know what tomorrow may bring, so enjoy the moment.”


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