Tips For Getting Your Kids Excited About Dental Hygiene

  • Posted on: Jun 12 2015

Kids aren’t always fond of the dentist or dental hygiene. The best way to ensure that your children follow a healthy dental hygiene routine is to make them interested in caring for their teeth and gums. There are a  few things you can do to get your kids excited about dental hygiene.

Fun Toothbrushes

Kids would much rather use  toothbrush with a picture of their favorite cartoon character than a plain one. Let your children pick out their own toothbrushes and mouth washes and they will be much more likely to use them. There are plenty of colors, characters and even personalized styles to choose from.


If you have young children and are trying to teach them to brush their teeth twice a day, try using a reward and a chart. Every time the child brushes his teeth, let him place a sticker on the chart. If they complete the chart each week, reward them with a prize.

Sing A Song

Sometimes children don’t know how long to brush. Singing a two minute song can help them brush long enough and help them understand the proper length. Teach them to sing a song in their head or sing one for them while they brush. You can also play music or even use a musical toothbrush.

Create Posters

Sometimes kids just need something to remind them to brush their teeth. Create some posters together and hang the in the bathroom. The posters may have picture or words that remind children to brush and how to brush, floss and rinse properly. Kids will enjoy making them and using them.

Teaching your kids to care for their teeth and gums properly at an early age will ensure they continue good oral hygiene habits all through their lives..


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