Tips For Caring For Dental Braces

  • Posted on: Sep 4 2015

If your teeth are not straight or are overcrowding your mouth, your dentist or orthodontist may suggest that you wear braces to help align them properly. Brace are not painful but they can be inconvenient at time. If you wear braces or will be getting braces, remember these tips to help make them more bearable.

Brush Carefully

Food can easily get caught in your braces and it can take some careful brushing to remove it. Remember to brush after every meal and take your time around each part of your braces. There are special toothbrush that are designed to help remove food from braces easier.


Use a mouthwash to help remove food and debris from your braces. Sometimes brushing can remove it all and the rinse will help.

Use Wax

Sometime the wires in your braces can poke your gums or jaw. Use dental wax to cover the ends of the wires or any other hard metal parts of the braces that are causing pain. If there is too much discomfort, have your orthodontist adjust the wires to make them more comfortable.

Avoid Certain Foods And Drinks

You don’t want to ruin your teeth while you are wearing braces so it is best to avoid food and drinks that could leave behind stains. You should also never whiten your teeth while wearing braces.

Braces can help improve the look of your teeth and make it easier for your to eat, talk and swallow. Everyone wants a pretty smile and braces make that possible.

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