Does Sugar Cause Cavities?

  • Posted on: Mar 12 2015

Michigan Cosmetic, General & Sedation Dentistry

With Halloween coming up, concerns over cavities caused by too much candy tend to rise. However, sugary candies do not actually cause cavities – though they do play a role in tooth decay.

You read that right: sugar does not cause tooth decay. The byproduct crated when bacterium in your mouth eats sugar does, and rapidly. This makes it important that you instruct children to brush after eating candies this Halloween, and to floss both morning and night to remove sugars and bacteria from in between teeth. This same care should be practiced by adults, even if only sneaking the occasional sugary treat.

Grand Rapids dentists Dr. Jerry and Alison Mulder encourage you to enjoy the holiday, but not at the expense of your oral health. Taking time to brush after every snack reduces risks of tooth decay and will help prevent bad breath caused by plaque buildup in the mouth. It will also help prevent tartar from forming – which reduces risks of gum disease and several other oral health concerns.

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