Preparing Your Child To Have A Tooth Pulled

  • Posted on: Nov 30 2015

If you child has severe dental problems or a dentist has to make room for teeth to come in or be adjusted with braces, your child may need to have one or several teeth removed. The dentist will only pull a child’s tooth if necessary and although it is a common procedure. it can be scary for a child to endure. Here are some tips to help prepare your child to have a tooth pulled.

Explain The Process

When your child understands what is going to happen, they can better prepare for it. Walk your child through the entire process and answer any questions they may have about the procedure. You can also ask your dentist to explain the procedure to your child as well. Make sure you use gentle words and explanations that comfort the child instead of scaring him or her more.

Stay Close

Some dentists will allow a parent to remain alongside a child when he or she is getting a tooth pulled. Talk to your dentist to see if that is an option. If so, let your child know that you will be close by and watching everything as it happens. Sometimes children are scared to be alone during a procedure and knowing you are nearby can help comfort them.

Talk About The Benefits

If a child doesn’t understand why he or she is having a tooth pulled, the procedure can be scary and seem unnecessary. Talk to your child about the benefits of the procedure and how it will help him or her look and feel better. When the child is excited about the results, he may not be as nervous about the procedure.

If your child is nervous about having a tooth pulled, there are many things you can do to help ease his fears. The dentist may also choose to use anesthesia to help make the process easier for everyone involved.

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