Don’t Forget To Keep Your Tongue Clean

  • Posted on: Sep 11 2015

Nobody wants bad breath and while most people assume that bad breath is related to poor dental hygiene, there can be other causes as well. An unclean tongue can be one of these causes. Your tongue can harbor bacteria the same as your teeth & if these bacteria are not removed, they can continue to grow and lead to bad breath. Luckily, cleaning your tongue is pretty simple.


Mouthwash can help remove the bacteria and food from your tongue and prevent bad breath and other issues. Just make sure when you rinse after brushing that you allow the mouthwash to move over your tongue for several minutes.

Tongue Cleaner

You can find a tool that is used specifically for cleaning your tongue. It is a plastic or metal scoop that scraped the bacteria and food particles from your tongue. This prevents them from growing and can prevent bad breath.


You can use your toothbrush to clean you tongue the same way you clean your teeth. Just use the toothbrush to brush around the tongue. Don’t forget the sides and back as well.

Keeping your tongue and teeth clean can prevent bad breath. If you have reoccurring bad breath talk to your dentist about other possible solutions.



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