Veneers Between Before and After – Understanding the Temporary Stage In-between

  • Posted on: Feb 20 2015

Question: “If I get veneers, what will my temporaries look like?”

That question comes up quite often when discussing cosmetic dental work, and for good reason: it’s much more difficult to picture the temporary phase than the final results! Understanding what your smile will look like in temporaries – between the before and after – is an important part of the cosmetic transformation process. We offer some insight and photos here to help clarify what temporaries are all about.

Purpose of Temporary Veneers

Temporary veneers serve to identify the expected look, feel, and fit of permanent dental veneers. Dr. Mulder’s team will stain and give characteristics to your temporaries so they look just like real teeth during your temp. phase: not even your friends will be able to tell that they are not the real thing. The temporaries will not only give you a preview of your expected smile outcome, but they will also help Dr. Mulder identify adjustments that may need to be made during the development of the permanent veneers. Wearing your temporary new smile for a few days will allow you to tell Dr. Mulder what you do and do not like about it and ensure that your final smile is just right.

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You will wear your temporaries for at least two weeks. They will be bonded in place with a soothing material so there will be little to no sensitivity. You will be able to eat and brush like normal with just a few common sense adjustments during that time. Since your temporaries are made of acrylic plastic material, it’s important to avoid eating anything hard or sticky.

When your permanent veneers are finished, Dr. Mulder will remove your temporaries and finish your smile transformation.

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