A Better Way to Screen for Oral Cancer – The VELscope

  • Posted on: Feb 20 2015

Over 35,000 people each year are diagnosed with oral cancer according to The Oral Cancer Foundation. When diagnosis and treatment are performed early, the survival rate is more than 90 percent – that’s the good news. Unfortunately, oral cancers are hard to discover, and the majority of cases are not diagnosed until they are in the later stages, leading to a startling 45 percent death rate – that’s the bad news.

Early Cancer Recognition and Prevention

Early screening and diagnosis are critical. That’s where Dr. Mulder can help. With a yearly VELscope screening, Dr. Mulder can increase your chances of early cancer recognition and prevention. The VELscope is an advanced technology tool that vastly improves the ability to detect the signs of the disease early on through use of fluorescent lights.

Oral cancer cells are often non-detectable to the human eye (even with magnification eyewear) under standard lighting conditions. By the time a cancerous cell becomes visible by plain sight, it has often already advanced to invasive stages. With the VELscope, Dr. Mulder can accurately identify tissue changes at and below the surface before they become apparent under white light examination. He can identify cancerous cells sooner.

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Who Should Be Screened?

We recommend that all adults over the age of 18 have the VELscope procedure done annually. It takes only a minute and is painless. The invaluable procedure is also very affordable, costing only $45 a screening.

Oral cancer risk factors include tobacco usage, frequent alcohol consumption, the presence of the HPV virus, or a past history of cancer. Screening is obviously essential for those at risk, however, screening is actually essential for everyone. According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, 25 percent of all newly diagnosed cases have been in patients under the age of 40 with no known risk factors.

Let Dr. Mulder keep a closer eye on oral cancer for you. Call us today to schedule a preventative VELscope screening with your next appointment.

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