Dental Implants Do More Than Replace Teeth

  • Posted on: Aug 30 2017

Dental Implants Grand Rapids, MI | A Life of SmilesWhen you hear the word “permanent,” one impression comes to mind: something that will last forever. This would seem logical, even when it comes to our teeth. However, most of us know someone, perhaps a grandparent or parent, whose natural teeth are no longer present in their smile. Permanent teeth are not impervious teeth; they can be damaged, sometimes beyond repair. When this happens, the focus must shift to replacement.

Before the development of dental implants, the primary goal of tooth replacement seemed to be just that, tooth replacement. But our teeth are a vital structure that supports speech, chewing, smiling and our very confidence. To merely replace them falls short of the intended purpose of teeth. In our Grand Rapids office, we discuss patients’ needs related to tooth replacement and explain why dental implants are worth deep consideration.

It’s About More Than a Tooth

There are several advantages to dental implants versus simpler methods of tooth replacement, each having to do with the structural stability of the crown or bridge.

  • With natural (healthy) teeth, we can bite and chew a wide variety of foods; those that are dense or chewy, as well as those that are soft. We can do this because each tooth is tethered to the jawbone by its root. Dental implants replicate the root structure needed for fully functional biting and chewing, which means the variety of foods that can be eaten after tooth replacement should not diminish.
  • The appearance of the smile is vital to a healthy self-image. Tooth loss may not be considered a major event – until it happens. Without a full set of teeth, a person’s sense of self may deteriorate much more than he or she could ever imagine. While dentures and bridges are now more aesthetically pleasing, both may fall short in the restoration of full confidence in one’s smile.
  • By restoring a natural appearance and full function to the mouth, dental implant treatment may be the integral factor that completely restores that sense of confidence. With that, a person is better equipped to engage in professional and social situations that are necessary for the best quality of life.

Tooth loss need not be a given. We can help you maintain the health of your smile for life. Dr. Jerry and Dr. Allyson Mulder can also perform dental implant treatment to give you back your best smile. Schedule your visit with us to learn more.

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