Outdoor Artist Maggie Bandstra To Be Featured On Grand Rapids Billboard

  • Posted on: Jul 9 2015

Outdoor artist Maggie Bandstra will join four other artists who will be featured on several billboards throughout Grand Rapids and other areas of Michigan. Over 20 artists submitted artwork as an audition for the billboards, which are planned to promote Michigan tourism. The five artists chosen were the ones who stood out the most and offered the most unique abilities and skills.

“I’ve always been really attracted to color and shapes, even when I was little,” said Bandstra. “My mom has a picture of me when I was probably 2 or 3 standing in a diaper at an easel with the brush. I’ve always liked to push the paint around, play with it, and see what will happen. That’s still my favorite part: playing with the paint and seeing what shapes and colors will do when you put them next to each other.”

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