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Tigers Need Dental Work Too

When you think of a typical day for a dentist you probably think of several people sitting in a dentist chair while the dentist calmly performs simple procedures. One dentist recently had a more exciting dental experience. He worked on a huge tiger and had to pull one of his sharp canine teeth. The tiger had… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 30 2015

Deer Becoming An Increasingly Dangerous Problem In Grand Rapids

Deer are considered a nuisance animal by many and for that reason many people look forward to hunting season so the populations of deer can better be controlled. If you have ever argued against hunting, consider this; there have already been over 800 deer-related accidents in Ottawa county this year.  Over 20 of those accidents… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 30 2015

Can Cheese Help Your Teeth?

It seems like people either love cheese or hate cheese. Some believe it is good for you others think it is bad for you. Everyone has their own opinions about cheese, but what if you knew that it could help your teeth? Would you be more likely to eat it? Cheese can actually help remove… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 30 2015

The Importance Of Bicycle Safety In Grand Rapids

A lot of people ride bicycles in Grand Rapids. Because the city is so big and traffic is so bad, riding a bicycle is sometimes the fastest way to get from one point another. Although bicycle riding is common, there are still those who do not pay attention while riding and who are involved in… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 29 2015

Tips For A Better Smile

When you think about what it takes to get a better smile, you probably think about all the things you need to do to improve it. The truth is, there are several things you should stop doing if you want to improve the way your smile looks. Certain bad habits can cause your teeth to… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 28 2015

Grand Rapids Successfully Hosts World’s Largest Art Prize

Art Prize is one of the biggest and most popular events in the Grand Rapids area. Six years ago it was decided that Grand Rapids would host the world’s largest Art Prize and over the weekend it was successful . It is more than just your typical art show and this year there were over… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 28 2015

35 Entries For The Fall Parade Of Homes

The Grand Rapids Fall Parade Of Homes will be taking place soon and this year there are 35 entries. The Parade Of Homes is something many Grand Rapids residents look forward to. Sponsored by Option1 Credit Union, the parade will feature homes valued from $200,000 to more than $1 million in communities ranging from Ada,… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 24 2015

New Jersey Dentist Finds New Way To Conquer Dental Fears

A lot of people are scared to go to the dentist or have dental anxiety.  It can be so bad that these people avoid going to the dentist and getting basic dental care. Dentists try to calm their patients down so they can do these procedures but this anxiety can make it difficult. A New Jersey Dentist… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 24 2015

Grand Rapids Hosts Recovery Palooza

Drugs are a serious problem and something you hear about often. You hear about recovery far less often. For the addicts who have recovered from a drug addiction, recovery is something to be proud of and celebrate. That is why Grand Rapids was excited to host the 2015 Recovery Palooza event. “The purpose of the… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 21 2015

Cavities More Common In Children With Stressed Moms

It’s not uncommon for children to suffer from cavities, especially those who eat a lot of sugar and have poor dental habits. A new study shows that children of moms who are extremely stressed may be more likely to have cavities.  Women who feel stress during pregnancy are much less likely to breast feed and that… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 21 2015