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General Dentistry Treatment Options

Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland, Michigan

dental spa grand rapidsIf you’re looking for a dentist who does more than strictly cosmetic dentistry or neuromuscular dentistry, and if you’re looking for help with more general dental problems, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Dr. Mulder takes a broad approach to dental care. He constantly pushes the envelope of traditional dentistry to expand his practice and add appealing services.

Periodontal Treatment

gingivitis and periodontal diseaseGum disease, such as gingivitis or periodontitis, is not something to ignore. Left to itself, it will take your teeth. It all starts with the ever-present bacteria that we try to keep at bay with our regular brushing and flossing. Bacteria live in plaque, that invisible sticky film that continually forms on our teeth. The toxins they produce irritate the gums, which become red and swollen and start to bleed. Pockets form between gums and teeth, allowing infection to develop which burrows through the gums right into the bone supporting the teeth.

Prevention is best, and early detection next best. Dr. Mulder will spot it immediately and help you avoid much pain and dental deterioration.

Learn more about Oral Hygiene and Overall Health, as well as Oral Cancer Screening using VELscope technology and gum disease and treatment.

Contact Grand Rapids dentist Dr. Jerry Mulder & Allyson Mulder for more information about halitosis and snoring. You could call or email our team today for your smile evaluation.

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