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Research in the area of TMJ treatment is making progress on a daily basis. Today’s effective treatments are the fruit of neuromuscular dentists all over the country combining creativity and science to find better solutions. After you undergo your complete TMJ diagnosis, Dr. Mulder and his team will present solutions designed to first relieve you from pain and then move the misaligned jaw into a new and more comfortable resting position. Dr. Mulder has an extraordinary track record of success with his TMJ treatment method.

Dr. Mulder’s TMJ Treatment Method

Traditional dentistry assumes your present bite position is best for you and attempts to restore your bite around its existing position – what might be considered two-dimensional reconstructive dentistry. Neuromuscular dentistry considers a third dimension – the muscles that control chewing, swallowing, and jaw position.

Using computerized equipment, Dr. Mulder measures and studies the pattern of jaw opening and closing through its full range of motion in three dimensions. The computer also documents the location of your jaw in relation to the upper teeth and measures the activity of the muscles that control the jaw both in function and at rest.

The computer provides data that allows Dr. Mulder to objectively determine whether you will be most comfortable with your current jaw (bite) position or after adjustment to a different position.

Neuromuscular Tests


tmj neuromuscular before and after

Treatment by Dr. Mulder using a Myomonitor and K7 computer analysis yielded an optimal jaw position in which the patient appears to have had a face lift. The dark circles under her eyes are far less noticeable and her face has a more oval shape. Barb has only been wearing Orthosis for four months.

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Dr. Mulder’s neuromuscular tests are “non-invasive” — there are no injections and there is no pain. The tests begin with a Computerized Mandibular Scan (“CMS”) in which a tiny magnet is applied to your lower gum with sticky tape. You then wear very lightweight headgear much as you would wear a pair of glasses. Sensors on the headgear precisely follow the path of the magnet as you open and close your mouth and send the three-dimensional information to the computer as your jaw opens and closes.

Muscle activity is monitored with Surface Electromyography (“SEMG”), a technology similar to an electrocardiogram. After thin wires are attached to the skin by adhesive patches, tiny electrical signals emitted by your muscles are detected and sent to the computer.

On some occasions, Dr. Mulder may want to study the sounds of your jaw joints. If so, Dr. Mulder will use Electrosonography (“ESG”). You wear a headset similar to headphones that hold microphone-like sensors over each jaw joint. The sensors detect the joint sound vibrations as you open and close your mouth and transmit the sound data to the computer.

Typically Dr. Mulder will first want to do the CMS, SEMG and/or ESG tests to get your baseline data. Then you may be connected to a Myomonitor, which is a battery operated electrical muscle stimulator. The Myomonitor will exercise your facial and jaw muscles once again, without any pain. The electrically induced exercise will help your muscles achieve a relaxed state. After 40-60 minutes, the CMS, SEMG, and/or ESG tests will be repeated to take measurements in your relaxed state.

TMJ Treatments – Getting the Bite Right

Once Dr. Mulder has recorded your relaxed jaw position, the goal is to establish your relaxed position as your everyday bite position. Dr. Mulder develops a customized plan to accomplish this transformation in bite position. Your plan may include any of the following:

  • A splint to retrain your jaw muscles to the new, relaxed bite position
  • Tooth reshaping or realignment such as Invisalign or full or partial mouth
  • reconstruction
  • Heat and ice therapy
  • Physiotherapy (jaw exercises)
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Surgery (only if other treatments are less successful than hoped)

Occlusal Guard (bite splint)

  • Horse shoe shape appliance worn on upper arch
  • Great for the typical night grinder or clincher
  • Stops the progress of more wear on your teeth

NTI Appliance

  • Worn on either upper or lower front teeth
  • Takes pressure off back teeth and also off your joint
  • Mouth is slightly open to stop the clincher/ grinder from doing damage on teeth
  • Relieves TMJ (joint) pressure and Temporal (forehead) headaches from clinching

TMJ MichiganDr. Jerry Mulder describes reconstructive dentistry procedures available to our dental patients. Reconstructive dentistry can perfect your smile and change your life! Contact us today to learn more.

Orthodic Appliance

  • Worn on lower arch either removable or fixed per Dr. Mulders diagnosis
  • Worn anywhere from overnight to 24/ 7
  • Relieves TMJ pain, headaches, muscle tension, ear congestion and more
  • Correct issues with your bite

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Objective Data for Better Bite Position Analysis

Teeth are designed for chewing efficiency and bite stability. Proper bracing of the mandible allows for forceful muscle acts such as swallowing. A poorly positioned bite places abnormal stress on masticatory muscles and the temporomandibular joints, which can cause discomfort and other symptoms. For optimal diagnosis and therapy in modern bite evaluation, the clinician must be able to measure physiologic phenomena that indicate the state of bite function and its effect on both masticatory muscles and temporomandibular joints.

Until recently, the technology to objectively measure bite position and muscle tension has been cost prohibitive or entirely lacking. Modern equipment such as the K7 Evaluation System employed by Dr. Mulder allows measurements for enhanced neuromuscular treatment. Objective data from the K7 allow for better diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and documentation of results.

Commonly Asked TMJ Questions

For TMJ treatment in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas such as Muskegon, Holland, and Kalamazoo, contact experienced neuromuscular dentist Dr. Jerry Mulder. Call us at (616) 458-0631 or email our office today to schedule a TMJ evaluation.


TMJ & TMD Testimonials from Our Patients


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More TMJ Testimonials
5 star review“I discovered I had TMJ in 1987. I was grinding my teeth at night while sleeping. I also was experiencing jaw pain, migraines, clicking and locking of my jaw as a result of my TMJ. I had surgery in 1988 to alleviate the pain. In 2000 I was able to receive a jaw reconstructive surgery. The surgery was a huge success until 2014 when I started having pain, migraines and could not chew my food. I went to see Dr. Mulder who began treating me with therapy and a neuromuscular orthotic designed to realign my jaw. I immediately felt relief and after the 2nd treatment I could enjoy chewing food again! His treatment is working and I feel so much better. Thank you Jerry and your entire team for returning the pleasure of eating food back into my life and relieving me of all the jaw pain I was feeling.” – by Lupe S.
5 star review“I had some serious TMJ problems which, because of unusual spinal problems, promised to get more serious–something, I assure you, I did not want. Both my splint (worn at night) and my orthotic partial work perfectly to keep my jaw aligned regardless of my spinal condition.. This is great because I still have more spinal issues to get through (and am working hard on them). So the dental science is really good. And everyone here is top notch – spirited, friendly, timely, available, and open to questions” – Sandra W.
5 star review“The experience I’ve had at Dr. Mulder’s office was amazing! I came in with a terrible tough case of TMJ and after my treatment I left with un-surpassing care to get back to a normal life.” – Kevin B.
5 star review“I came to Dr. Mulder because of my jaw bothering me for months! I went to several doctors, they couldn’t figure out why my jaw was causing me the problems I was complaining about. I finally called Dr. Mulder because he had the experience and knowledge I needed. Finally, I had an answer, it was TMJ. He did several tests and had a neuromuscular orthotic made for me. My jaw pain and irritation is gone. I feel great now! I’m so thankful he could and did solve my issues!” – by Charles W.
5 star review“Very friendly office! I’ve been going there for TMJ issues and the results are amazing! I feel much better. No more migraines! ” – by Dawn N.
5 star review“I came to Dr. Mulder because of my jaw bothering me for months! I went to several doctors, they couldn’t figure out why my jaw was causing me the problems I was complaining about. I finally called Dr. Mulder because he had the experience and knowledge I needed. Finally, I had an answer, it was TMJ. He did several tests and had a neuromuscular orthotic made for me. My jaw pain and irritation is gone. I feel great now! I’m so thankful he could and did solve my issues!” – Robin R.
5 star review“I dealt with jaw pain for about 2 years which affected my performance in sports. On each treated for TMJ, I improved greatly in athletics and got rid of the daily headaches.” – Gabriella H.
5 star review“During the making of my bite, assistants were handling most of the job and I wondered if it would be any different than the other 2 bites that were made special for my TMJ . Came back for final fitting and using for next month. Results were amazing, my bite fit like a glove and after a few weeks it had already made a difference in relaxing my jaws.” – Donna A.
5 star review“Dr. Mulder is amazing. He has such a calming demeanor. He’s greatly improved my TMJ discomfort and popping. I highly recommend him to all!” – Kara R.
5 star review“I thought I was a sure candidate for phase 2 of the TMJ correction. I never thought simply moving your bite off the disc would be enough to get rid of my pain. This has been an amazing journey.” – Tamara D.
5 star review“I had severe pain in the left side lower jaw for about 4 years. It was bad enough that in order to eat I would have to take numerous pain pills. I went to my family doctor when it first started & over the next 4 years was sent to a couple of ENT’s who gave me pills to stop the pain, but didn’t work, I didn’t know what to do, then when I had my yearly appointment with my sleep apnea doctor, I mentioned the jaw pain I have & he told about Dr, Jerry Mulder, who he sometimes refers people to have appliances made & the rests is history. Since my first visit, which answered all my questions, I was fitted for a lower splint, the pain has been diminished . now I can eat normal without any pain pills. This is a total relief. I feel much better now. I would recommend Dr Mulder to anyone who has TMJ issues.” – Patrick K.
5 star review“My entire family sees Dr. Mulder, we love him and his entire staff! Not only do we have fabulous, healthy smiles, but Dr. Mulder has also helped us with special appliances for TMJ and sleep apnea. I will continue to recommend him to everyone I know!” – Natalie M.
5 star review“My specific case of TMJ was very difficult to treat. Years of my jaw being in the wrong position took its toll on me. Dr. Mulder was persistent in my treatment and my symptoms have drastically improved.” – Kristin V.

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