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web review5.starsFrank L.
Always appreciate the highly professional atmosphere highlighted by caring and cordial personnel. Applause to all of you!

web review5.starsBridgette B.
I couldn’t be happier with the care I have received from Dr. Mulder. Before seeing him, I went to many types of doctors to find the cause of my acute and very painful symptoms. Aside from the physical pain, the situation was causing intense stress and a major financial burden. Dr. Mulder’s expertise and wisdom was obvious the first time met him. I was amazed at his vase knowledge and comforted by his kind and calming demeanor. He always takes the time to explain what is going on and makes sure all my questions are answered. After undergoing the testing for TMJ and listening to his description of my problems, I left his office and sat in my car and cried. Someone finally could tell me what was happening and provide a solution to help. The TMJ treatment has alleviated my facial pain, headaches, and constant neck pain. He is the only dentist I trust now for all my other dental needs and he recently helped fix another problem. I finally feel like I can smile confidently for the first time in a very long time. Thank you Dr. Mulder, Stacie and the rest of your wonderful staff.

facebook5.starsCarrie R H.
I always have a great experience with this office. The reception staff, the hygienists, and the dentists are all super friendly and helpful. I always rave about them when the subject of dentists come up. They’ve earned my loyalty.

google5.starsJessica D.
I’m so grateful for Dr. Mulder. For years I had clicking in my jaw and thought nothing of it; however, I was accidentally hit in the head and my jaw changed significantly. My jaw locked in place and I could barley fit my finger in it. My Dr. tried prescribing medication for the pain, my dentist made a splint, and I spent many sessions with a physical therapist, and I was completely burnt out on trying to live a “normal jaw life”. We found Dr. Mulder online and I was hesitant to try because nothing worked. I’m so grateful I gave it another try! My symptoms have subsided and I continue to receive care through Dr. Mulder. My headaches, stiff muscles, jaw clicking, ear pain, inability to sleep, etc. have all subsided and I continue to see Dr. Mulder regularly!

google5.starsNate M.
This practice is prompt, they seem to do good work, and seem to be concerned with the all the needs of the patient. I recently broke a tooth. I called and was seen within two days.When I was prepped for a crown replacement with a temporary crown, The Dr. called me at home later that night, just to make sure I was OK. While that may sound like a standard, it has not been that way with my former dentists.

facebook5.starsCorinda H.
I literally feel so comfortable… That I could actually fall asleep during my visits!!!

facebook5.starsAimée H.
Hands down the BEST Dentist & Office Staff I have ever been to! Dr. Mulder (and his assistances) walk me through every step along the way with each procedure I have had done. He explains thoroughly in an understanding manner what is going on with my teeth, always ask if I need anything or how am I doing, and are easy to work with if you are open about your financial situation. They have all the top of the line technology to ensure you are getting the absolute best service a dentist office can offer. I would recommend Life of Smiles to anyone looking for a new dentist.

facebook5.starsNate M.
Dr. Mulder and his team are great at what they do, and genuinely care about their patients! I could not be happier with the front crowns they gave me in time for Christmas!

google5.starsSara F.
After I got into my car accident, I could barely open my jaw. I waited almost a year before I truly did anything. My case was very challenging, because I had very limited movement. They were able to work with me and I am finally able to open my mouth the farthest I have even been! Stacey and Dr. Jerry Mulder are awesome at really listening to your problems and are willing to try anything just to get you back to normal. It may be a lot of money but it is 100% worth it!!

google5.starsAnn V.
Typically, I am not a fan of dentists. But time and time again Dr. Jerry Mulder has proven to be the greatest! He is extremely skillful and proficient. He and his office have always performed at the highest level, always striving to achieve the optimum outcome for the patient. I highly recommend A Life of Smiles to anyone in need of a dentist. I personally can attest to Dr. Mulder’s calm demeanor and his accomplished abilities! I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

google5.stars Roger S.
After 3 months of pain in the face and jaw and visits to several doctors and dentists, I was referred to Dr. Jerry Mulder. It didn’t take him long to discover my problem. I could go on and sing his praises, but just want to say he is a wonderful doctor and I am lucky to have found him. His entire staff is very helpful and kind.

google5.starsSusan E.
My husband’s family has been going to Jerry Mulder for years and years — sibs, parents, cousins, aunts — the whole bunch of them. They are really friendly and knowledgeable, the office is nice, the office staff is great, and they remember you and your family. Maybe they refer to notes before they see you, but who cares? If they do, at least they care enough to do so!

google5.starsMatthew Amy A.
I have many dental anxieties. I looked for a dentist near me who would hopefully be able to see me regardless of my fears. I found Dr. Jerry Mulder and thought that I would try. The entire office treats me with so much kindness. Through my consultation, cleaning, deep cleaning, and fillings, I was put at ease. Every step of the way, Dr. Jerry asked if I was in pain, scared, or uncomfortable. He also mentioned anything positive that I was doing – instead of feeling guilty for not flossing, I felt proud of what I presently do right and even encouraged to go beyond. Dr. Jerry said that there is no need for a dental shot to ever hurt, right before he gave me a shot. When the shot, indeed, had no bite for me, I calmed down. In my past, I have felt a roughness in how dentists treat my mouth or my pain; with Dr. Jerry, his care, and concern for me come first and are directly related to the health of my mouth. I don’t dread going back to Dr. Jerry or anyone on his staff. I feel that they are working very hard to keep any pain or (gasp!) future root canal far away from me.

thumbtack5.starsTeresa S.
Dr. Mulder and his staff are very professional and attentive to your needs. Very pleased with my treatment here and would highly recommend.

google5.starsYvonee K.
Dr. Jerry Mulder is terrific!! His knowledge and expertise in treating my TMJ has made me feel very comfortable that it is being done right. His office staff are very knowledgeable as well!! My headaches are nearly gone and the pain in my jaw, neck and shoulders is SO much better! Making the appointment for his office to treat my TMJ was a great decision! The office is wonderful and the staff are very friendly. I recommend Dr. Jerry Mulder and his staff to anyone who is experiencing pain related to TMJ!!

5.starsMarguerite H.
I’m a 71-year-old woman who has suffered TMJ headaches for my entire adult life and never knew what they were until a friend recently mentioned TMJ and I looked it up on the internet. Fortunate for me, one of the internet search results was Dr. Jerry Mulder and I called immediately for an appointment. On my first visit, my head hurt too much to even ask intelligent questions. Why, when I had been having dental procedures done by an endodontist for five years, had my dentist or the endodontist never thought the pain might be referred pain from my jaw? My jaw was in terrible shape (my opinion), some bone was missing, and the joint was pressing up into my ear. I had severe jaw pain, a numb chin, facial pain, neck pain, constant headache, dizziness, back pain, ear congestion and diminished hearing, shoulder pain, sinus congestion, and visual disturbances. I was basically non-functional when I got my orthotic from Dr. Mulder. Now, three months later, I am functional. Some days I still get a headache and/or some dizziness but the difference is miraculous. Most of the other symptoms I listed above are gone. I so wish I had started this treatment years earlier before permanent damage was done to my jaw, but I am thrilled at the progress I have made thanks to Dr. Mulder and hope to graduate to only wearing the orthotic at night soon. Thank you for giving me my life back.

thumbtack5.starsMichael C.
For someone who has some bad experiences at the dentist, I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Mulder and his staff. From the front desk to the patient chair, Dr. Mulder and his staff are a class act.

google5.starsKara G.
Wonderful experience. I would recommend Dr. Mulder to anyone. He is a wonderful caring dentist. His cosmetic dental wo r know is amazing.

google5.starsJusy C.
I was really afraid of having bridge work done. It did not hurt and was not uncomfortable. I was truly amazed. The temporary looks and feels great. Thank you so much! You thoroughly explained the process for me.

thumbtack5.starsCalvin W.
The team at A Life Of Smiles go the extra mile to make certain that your experience is not only comfortable and painless but also stress-free. They’ve literally created a tropical oasis that must be seen to be believed, which is exactly what I encourage you to do NOW.

thumbtack5.starsSharon D.
As much as I dislike going to the dentist in general, Dr. Mulder is excellent at what he does and he and his staff are always up-to-date on everything with regard to dentistry. I am always put at ease in the dental chair and there is constant concern that I am okay with whatever procedure is occurring. Thank you!

facebook5.starsIsaac L.
I’ve visited many dentists over the years, I’m certainly not used to looking forward to appointments. You, however, answered all of my many questions and made me feel that I was among friends, I learned so much. I’ve spent a career working with the absolute finest of cabinetmakers, designers, engineers and artists within my chosen field. Many of them taught me, along the way, to recognize and appreciate a craft when practiced at its’ highest level. Like a young person stopped in my tracks, my eyes wide and bright, my jaw slightly slack and a curiously wide grin as when seeing something amazing for the first time. That’s what you’ve done as well. Believe me, others will hear of my experience. A jackpot win against staggering odds, I originally chose you because you were closest to my home, who knew? For the first time in many moons, the smile I share on the outside matches the one on the inside. Thank you so, you have a new fan.

google5.starsKailee Q.
I just moved to Grand Rapids and needed a new dentist to fix a crown on my front tooth. The staff was very welcoming and friendly at Lift of Smiles. They walked me through everything I needed to know and made a real effort to make me comfortable. The staff is very well educated and will help you save money while getting the best smile possible! I would recommend Life of Smiles to anyone!

google5.starsSharon D.
As much as I dislike going to the dentist in general, Dr. Mulder is excellent at what he does and he and his staff are always up-to-date on everything with regard to dentistry. I am always put at ease in the dental chair and there is constant concern that I am okay with whatever procedure is occurring. Thank you!

thumbtack5.starsKim P.
I suffered from intense headaches that would not go away with any pain relief meds (i.e. Ibuprophen, aspirin, acetaminephen). My daughter who is a dental hygienist, knew of Dr. Jerry’s work with TMJ. I was skeptical, thinking it was allergies or whatever. I ended up going in and the office was so helpful and friendly. It only took a couple months for the headaches to subside after wearing the mouthpiece Dr. designed for me and I haven’t had a problem with debilitating headaches since. I am definitely a believer in this process…it works!

google5.starsJames W.
My name is James, and I would like to pass on information and experiences both my wife and I have had being patients of Dr. Mulder. My wife and I have been married for 30 years with 3 children and 5 grand children. I feel that we have had many experiences dealing with doctors, dentist, and hospitals to pass on opinions that may be helpful to others. We have been under the care of Dr. Mulder for 3 years and during that time we have been amazed on the advancements of dentistry. From the scheduled checkups, the early stages of cavities, even to the most intricate procedures of TMJ that my wife has had done the past year. I must say, being a doctor is a very noble profession, with many different avenues of interest. My personal opinion is, there are many doctors with many talents, but there are really a few healers. Dr. Mulder is a healer! His 30 plus years is a testament in it self. He is aware of the advancements of his trade, but what sets him apart is the patients physical and mental state days after the procedure is completed. The office helps the patients and are aware of of their anxieties that some people do have. My wife is one of many that needs extra attention even for the simple cleaning. Example, medication is prescribed the day before our visit. The room and staff are waiting in the examining room so when she arrives the procedure starts and efficiently ends then we leave. Any additional information is followed up the next day. Needless to say, this is why we appreciate Dr. Mulder and his supported team here in Grand Rapids. I hope our experiences with Dr. Mulder and team will help any person looking for a very good dentist for themselves or their family.

thumbtack5.starsCourtney W.
Waking up the first morning after my treatment for TMJ started, I immediately felt a night-and-day difference! I could not believe that only after 8 hours of sleep I could feel this much better! To be feeling this much better with only 1 night, I wasn’t sure whether to cry or to laugh with excitement! Thank you Dr. Mulder and you staff for keeping me comfortable, well-informed, as well as helping me feel better with every passing day!

google5.starsRob W.
Dr. Mulder and his staff make going to the dentist a pain-free and enjoyable experience! Best dental care I’ve had.

thumbtack5.starsKailee Q.
I just moved to Grand Rapids and needed a new dentist to fix a crown on my front tooth. The staff was very welcoming and friendly at Lift of Smiles. They walked me through everything I needed to know and made a real effort to make me comfortable. The staff is very well educated and will help you save money while getting the best smile possible! I would recommend Life of Smiles to anyone!

thumbtack5.starsNermina K.
First experience and it was awesome. I hate going to the dentist but not anymore. Everyone is incredibly nice and results are very satisfactory. Super easy to set an apparent as well. I would recommend them to everyone.

google5.starsTeresa S.
Dr. Mulder and his staff are very professional and attentive to your needs. Very pleased with my treatment here and would highly recommend.

google5.starsKekoa R.
My family has been going here for about 20 years for our dental needs. The recent change in location has modernized the office layout and looks great! The hygienists are very efficient in cleaning and examination, and I always feel in good hands when I do require further needs such as fillings, or bite splints. They are a very knowledgeable and professional group.The staff has always been warm and welcoming, even with a mouth full of stuff they try their best to hold a conversation! But all joking aside all the personnel are incredibly bright and polite. I have never been afraid of the dentist because I always have a great experience from the welcoming staff, conversation (especially with Margret and Dr Mulder), and the excellent service they provide. After so long it feels like they have become an essential part of our family, as they always ask how we are all doing and miss the loved ones who passed away just as we do. Not many can provide care with a smile and actually care and  like them!

google5.starsKara G.
Wonderful experience. I would recommend Dr. Mulder to anyone. He is a wonderful caring dentist. His cosmetic dental work is amazing.

thumbtack5.starsGabriel S.
I have been a client of Dr. Mulder for 19 years. He and his staff are highly competent. No only do they know how to make you comfortable and relaxed so that you don’t feel a thing, but they are experts at what they do. Overall, the quality of the service is outstanding!

google5.starsMatthew J.
Drs Mulder and staff are very courteous. My family has trusted them for all of our dental needs for over 10 years now.

google5.starsWendy W.
Dr. Jerry Mulder is the best!

thumbtack 5.starsCharles W.
I came to Dr. Mulder because of my jaw bothering me for months! I went to several doctors, they couldn’t figure out why my jaw was causing me the problems I was complaining about. I finally called Dr. Mulder because he had the experience and knowledge I needed. Finally, I had an answer, it was TMJ. He did several tests and had a neuromuscular orthotic made for me. My jaw pain and irritation is gone. I feel great now! I’m so thankful he could and did solve my issues!

thumbtack 5.starsDawn N.
Very friendly office! I’ve been going there for TMJ issues and the results are amazing! I feel much better. No more migraines!

google5.starsBecky V.
For most of my life I have dealt with TMJ pain and bite issues but 5 years ago, my jaw locked open after a big yawn and I was in a lot of pain. I literally searched the internet for someone with expertise with TMJ issues and came upon Dr. Mulder’s website and began treatment. Although I live in Kalamazoo and had to travel an hour to get there, I’m glad to have met Dr. Mulder and his staff. I’ve had some bite splints to get my jaw in a better position and eventually braces to keep it there. Over the years I have come to know Dr. Mulder and his staff very well. My treatment is basically over and although that’s awesome, I’ll miss everyone there who has treated me so well. They’re knowledgeable and caring. I’d highly recommend checking out their care.

thumbtack 5.starsGinger Z.
Dr. Mulder and his staff have made going to the dentist an exciting experience, and I mean that. As someone who previously did not enjoy going to the dentist, this office makes it a point to make sure that not only are you comfortable during your procedure, but that the entire experience from entering the door, working with their staff before and after are a stress free experience and I would highly recommend them to people who are new to the area or seeking a new dentist.

google5.starsMelissa B.
The staff is always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They pay attention to detail. All around they get a 5 star from me!

google5.starsMichael T.
Hello Judy and Dr. Mulder, I wanted to write a note of appreciation of your wonderful work in helping me with my sleep apnea. As you’ll recall I was referred to you by Dr. Madala from the Mercy Health Sleep Clinic. The two sleep tests that she had performed on me indicated 32 to 37 incidences of awakening in each hour while using a CPAP. The purpose of the referral was to have a dental appliance custom made for me which would allow my breathing passage to open wider to improve my sleep. This was completed and the last tests only using the dental appliance and no CPAP machine showed only 4 incidences of awakening in an hour. As a result of this Dr. Madala has suggested that I only use the dental appliances and not the CPAP. I must say that I am certainly sleeping more soundly. Thank you sincerely for your help!

thumbtack 5.starsGiovana P.
Dr. Mulder is the dentist for our family needs. If you are looking for state of the art dental work, and an amazing staff at a reasonable price, you have come to the right place.There is something about a great dentist, once you find the right one, you stick with him! I have found mine. I have been with Dr. Mulder over a decade now and I am very happy with his services. My family and I could not be happier!

thumbtack5.starsTim B.
I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea in 2012. After no success with Bi-pap and CPAP therapy, I was referred to Dr. Jerry Mulder who fitted me with a sleep apnea mouth appliance. It had made a huge difference in my quality of sleep, I am finally able to wake up feeling well rested and my wife appreciates that I no longer snore! After almost giving up on being able to sleep well, I am very glad that I found Dr. Jerry Mulder and the whole Life of Smiles team who have all been very helpful and knowledgeable through the process.

google5.starsMaria F.
After being diagnosed with sleep apnea and trying a CPAP and BiPAP I knew I needed another option. Dr. Mulder reduced my sleep apnea symptoms to be almost completely under control. I can sleep all night with my mouth guard and no more obtrusive machines. I cannot express how happy I am with what Dr. Mulder has been able to do for me. I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone!

thumbtack5.starsLupe S.
I discovered I had TMJ in 1987. I was grinding my teeth at night while sleeping. I also was experiencing jaw pain, migraines, clicking and locking of my jaw as a result of my TMJ. I had surgery in 1988 to alleviate the pain. In 2000 I was able to receive a jaw reconstructive surgery. The surgery was a huge success until 2014 when I started having pain, migraines and could not chew my food. I went to see Dr. Mulder who began treating me with therapy and a neuromuscular orthotic designed to realign my jaw. I immediately felt relief and after the 2nd treatment, I could enjoy chewing food again! His treatment is working and I feel so much better. Thank you Jerry and your entire team for returning the pleasure of eating food back into my life and relieving me of all the jaw pain i was feeling.

google5.starsRob W.
Dr. Mulder and his staff make going to the dentist a pain-free and enjoyable experience! Best dental care I’ve had.

thumbtack5.starsSandra W .
I had some serious TMJ problems which, because of unusual spinal problems, promised to get more serious–something, I assure you, I did not want. Both my splint (worn at night) and my orthotic partial work perfectly to keep my jaw aligned regardless of my spinal condition.. This is great because I still have more spinal issues to get through (and am working hard on them). So the dental science is really good. And everyone here is top notch–spirited, friendly, timely, available, and open to questions.

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