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Looking for a reason to smile? Here’s your chance to see what Dr. Mulder has done for his patients. From subtle improvements to comprehensive smile makeovers, Dr. Mulder can help you discover your best smile.

Before After
Grand Haven veneers - before Grand Haven veneers - after

Patient – Disliked the alignment gaps between the teeth, wanted a more natural smile.

Dr. Mulder achieved his smile by placing six veneers and two crowns. Pt also whitened his teeth for a brighter smile.

Before After
Grand Rapids teeth crown - before Grand Rapids teeth crown - after

Patient – Was unhappy with porcelain fused to gold crown showing a black line at the gum line and the other tooth was breaking down.

Dr. Mulder achieved the final result by placing a ceramic crown on #8 and a veneer on #9

Before After
Grand Rapids veneers - before Grand Rapids veneers - after

Patient – Was very concerned with excessive break down of his front teeth.

Dr. Mulder restored his teeth with a combination of porcelain crowns and veneers.

Before After
Michigan veneers - before Michigan veneers - after

Patient – Was self conscious his entire life due to the fact his cuspid was in the spot of his centeral incisor.

Dr. Mulder achieved the final result by placing veneers gaining the confidence to smile again.

Before After
Muskegon veneers - before Muskegon veneers - after

Patient – Was wearing front teeth down, starting to chip teeth.

Dr. Mulder restored her teeth with four veneers.


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