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Digital X-rays

Grand Rapids, Michigan

digital teeth x raysAn important part of a dental visit is the x-ray. X-rays provide you and your dentist an image of your dental condition that cannot be seen with the naked eye, enabling your dentist to better understand your oral health needs. Now you can receive a digital x-ray, which provides a clearer image that is produced faster than traditional film x-rays. Michigan Dentist Jerry Mulder & Allyson Mulder,serving Grand Rapids and the surrounding Michigan areas, offers digital x-rays along with general and cosmetic dentistry services. Contact Dr. Mulder and his team today to schedule your digital x-ray.

Digital X-Rays Fast, Clear

Dr. Mulder and his dentistry team offer comfortable dentistry to Grand Rapids and the surrounding Michigan areas. Dr. Mulder can increase the efficiency and ease of your visit by offering digital x-rays. Traditionally, getting an x-ray at the dentist involved biting on a film strip that was inserted into your mouth while the film was exposed. Then there was a lengthy waiting period for the actual image to be developed. The x-ray produced a fuzzy, low-resolution image. With digital technology, you will see a high-resolution image produced in just seconds that you can easily reference in discussion with your dentist.

Some of the benefits of a digital x-ray:

• As much as 90% reduction in radiation
• High-resolution image
• Image produced quickly
• Better diagnosis

It is important to let your dentist x-ray your mouth regularly to help you avoid periodontal disease, oral cancer, decay and other oral health issues. Many patients are hesitant to receive dental x-rays because they are worried about radiation exposure. In fact, dental x-rays deliver very low levels of radiation, and digital x-rays deliver an even lower amount than traditional x-rays. We receive more radiation from our daily surroundings and activities, including flying in an airplane or living at sea level, than we do from dental x-rays.

X-rays are Important for Complete Oral Health

X-rays are pictures of your teeth, bones and surrounding tissue, and they are an important part of a dental visit. X-rays show aspects of your oral health that are not apparent to the naked eye by showing what is happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums. With an x-ray, your dentist can spot any signs of oral cancer or periodontal disease. The dentist will be able to see dental decay and if it extends into the tooth nerve.

X-rays help your dentist diagnose oral diseases and abnormalities, and can help catch problems before they get worse. Using a high-resolution x-ray, you can easily discuss your oral condition with your dentist as well as any treatment options such as dental implants or Invisalign

How Digital Works

Like traditional x-rays, digital x-rays require that a sensor is placed in your mouth, behind your teeth. The sensor is connected to a computer and an x-ray beam is projected through your teeth. The image is then sent to the computer, which will display the image just seconds after your x-ray is completed.

Digital technology enables the sensor to produce an image quickly and clearly with a fraction of the radiation. Your dental appointment may be considerably shortened because you won’t have to wait for the film to be developed. Also, the digital images will be stored electronically and can be easily retrieved and emailed between dentists or other physicians.

Dr. Mulder provides dentistry to Grand Rapids and the surrounding Michigan areas. Please contact Dr. Mulder’s office today to set up your appointment for a digital x-ray.

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