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Is your smile missing something? If you’re ready to replace lost teeth with natural and comfortable dentures, Dr. Mulder can show you new denture materials that are professionally crafted to fit well and provide strong chewing surfaces.


Why replace missing teeth?

A missing tooth is not only very noticeable, but potentially harmful as well. When that gap remains for long enough, the neighboring teeth start to move from their correct positions and fill the gap. This can make them misaligned, causing bite problems. In other words, their changed positions can make your teeth come together in an uncomfortable way. A misaligned bite can in turn damage teeth further by putting too much pressure on some teeth, causing them to wear more quickly.

Eventually, you could develop TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome), which has a set of very painful symptoms, such as severe headaches, jaw pain, and neck and shoulder pain.

Benefits of dentures

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. They help keep the gum tissue and bone structure healthy. A full denture is crafted to replace an entire upper or lower set of teeth, while a partial denture replaces a few missing teeth by using stable remaining natural teeth as anchors.

dental spa grand rapids Your acrylic resin denture is custom-made to give you the kind of smile that well complements your facial features. New denture wearers often report significant reduction in gum soreness and pleasure in being able to enjoy foods that were previously off limits.

Your denture will give stability and strength to your remaining teeth, and will be custom-colored to match them. Good home care and maintenance will help your dentures look their best and stay functional for years.

Talk to Dr. Mulder today about the many benefits of dentures.

Visit our offices in the Grand Rapids area, serving Traverse City and other neighboring centers. You can learn more about dentures and partials by calling us, or by emailing Dr. Jerry Mulder & Allyson Mulder today for your smile evaluation.

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