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Grand Rapids cosmetic dentists Dr. Jerry & Dr. Allyson Mulder focus on providing gentle, personalized care for all of your dental needs. We offer a wide range of techniques & services for your total comfort during office visits. We want to not only reduce your dental anxieties; but as always, make sure we’re providing our patient’s with the highest level of dental care. To do so, our highly-trained and experienced team continues to stay at the cutting edge of the newest technologies & equipment.


• Digital  xrays , Panograph and Tomograph machine
• Velscope – uses blue-spectrum light to examine oral cavity for oral cancer
• Intra-oral cameras- help examine old restorations & decay at 60x magnification- allows patient to ‘see what we see
• Spectra- digital imaging device- using fluorescent light to detect DEPTH of decay.
• STA Anesthetic delivery system
• Odyssey Dental Diode Laser- allows for gum recontouring in esthetic cases
• CEREC- 1 visit/same day porcelain crowns & fillings without the need for impressions or temporaries
• EMG Piezo tooth cleaner and scaler- for the comfort of our patients
• Zoom! In-office whitening- 1 visit appointments to ‘jump start’ your whitening
• Invisalign


• Oral sedation options for long procedures
• Nitrous Oxide
• Painless injections’ via STA  anesthetic delivery system
• Movies/TV shows available to watch while in the dental chair
• WiFi
• Paraffin treatments
• Massage chair


Dr. Jerry Mulder & Allyson Mulder has been treating TMJ and sleep apnea patients for over 30 years. Dr. Allyson Mulder recently graduated from Tufts, where both fields were heavily emphasized and heavily studied. Like her father, she has a very passionate interest in both areas of the dental field, and plans on continuing in her father’s footsteps.


We offer 7 different types of oral appliances to treat the individual needs of our patient’s suffering from sleep apnea and snoring…

• Oral appliance therapy as an alternative to CPAP machines
• Oral appliance therapy in conjunction with a CPAP- in order to further increase airflow and decrease pressure of the CPAP
• Convenient oral appliance therapy options that can be used in place of your cumbersome and inconvenient CPAP machine, allowing you the freedom to travel with ease, go on adventures such as boating, hunting and camping again, without having to worry about the availability of electricity.

Once your needs have been accessed and an appliance made, we then use an ambulatory sleep study machine. This machine allows us to test the appliance once placed in your mouth for effectiveness. We can then make any adjustments if needed, to provide the most effective treatment individually for you. We believe that the best way to provide our patients with the most comprehensive and effective treatment is by working in conjunction with your MD.


Anyone that is currently suffering from TMJ pain knows that it’s not just one area or joint that hurts, like with some injuries, but TMJ pain affects the whole body. As such, a comprehensive approach to treatment is needed. This begins with an online questionnaire to be completed and returned to Dr. Mulder’s office prior to your first appointment. At the initial visit, Dr. Mulder and his team will perform a comprehensive TMJ examination. This exam may include xrays such panograph or tomography radiographs, sonographs of the head and neck muscles, iCAT images, MRI or sonograph images if necessary. Once we have diagnosed your TMJ problem, treatment may consist of a simple appliance or a more complex approach; requiring adjunctive therapy may be recommended. Examples of such are spray and stretch, iontophoresis, tensing, etc… The average treatment time is usually between 2-6 months, with most patients seeing improvements in as little as a few weeks. While the initial goal is always to alleviate the pain, the ultimate goal is to maintain these changes & keep our patients pain free. Therefore, regular EMG check-ups are always recommended for our patients, allowing us to make sure that your optimum jaw position is maintained.

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