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Dental Implants

Implant Dentistry In Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, And Surrounding Michigan Areas

dental implants grand rapidsIs your smile missing something? Dental implants at the office of Dr. Mulder can rejuvenate your dental health and give you back the freedom you once enjoyed with a full set of teeth. Dental implants allow you to regain your full chewing ability and avoid bridges, dentures, and other removable appliances.

A dental implant is essentially a custom crafted tooth root that is implanted into the jaw. An artificial tooth is then created from porcelain and anchored onto the new tooth root.


Two Ways to Insert the Implant

Grand Rapids Implant DentistryIf your jaw has enough height, the implant can be inserted right into the jaw, where the natural tooth root was. A couple of months must then pass, while the bone grows around the implant and makes it part of itself. Implants are made from titanium, as bone has been found to grow readily around it.

Alternatively, if your jawbone hasn’t enough height, the implant can be attached on top of the bone, holding the artificial tooth through the gum tissue.

dental implants for grand rapidsLost teeth can be embarrassing, and many men and women put off replacing them because of lack of time, fear of the procedure, or uncertainty about cost. Patients who have lost back teeth may be unaware that, although the missing tooth is not very obvious, it may be negatively affecting their overall dental health.

Once you have completed the implant process, you may forget you ever had a missing tooth! With great care and regular cleaning, dental implants can outlast natural teeth.

Please see Dental Implant Questions for additional information.

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