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Tooth Crown Treatment – CEREC Crowns In One Visit

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Dental Crowns and CEREC CrownsDo you have teeth which have become too damaged or weakened to support a dental filling? A tooth crown is a way of preserving those teeth, since they still have viable roots, and giving them a new, strong surface. Crowns can also be done along with root canals.

CEREC does it in one visit

In past years, a crown took two visits: one to prepare the tooth, then a second to place the crown after a couple of weeks. In the meantime, you had to wear a temporary crown, which may or may not have been very strong or felt very comfortable and often fell off before the next appointment.

A crown is not such a lengthy undertaking these days, thanks to the introduction of the technologically advanced CEREC equipment. The CEREC 3D system is the epitome of convenience. It’s a computer-aided design and manufacturing system that enables Dr. Mulder to plan, create, and place your porcelain crown in the same visit.

dental spa grand rapidsIf you’ve been putting off a crown because you just can’t find the time, now you can have beautiful, natural-looking restorations in just one visit! With CEREC, there’s no need to wear a temporary crown and wait for a second appointment for your restoration to be completed. Dr. Mulder enters your specifications into the CEREC equipment and a solid, durable porcelain crown is created in a short amount of time. After your CEREC crown is chemically bonded to the tooth, you will be able to use your crowned tooth to eat, speak, and chew normally.

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